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We needed some drapes.  And I did not like what I could find in stores. 

Or they were too expensive for my budget.  Most likely it was the latter.  So I got out my mom’s 1985 sewing machine and decided that I could just learn as I went. Sewing is a good DIY skill, right?  And when friends started to have babies, I thought baby quilts would be something fun to make.  A couple of years later, modern quilting has become one of my favorite hobbies. 

That along with buying fabric for aforementioned quilts. 

And I now hate sewing drapes.  Go figure.

So here are my quilts-newest on top and oldest (and with much poorer sewing skills) on the bottom.  Click on the pictures to go to the full posts.

I-Spy QuiltElephants on Parade QuiltPlain SpokenLawn Chair QuiltHabitat QuiltZig-Zags quiltCarter's Quilt
New Wavequilt
Baby Windowpanes QuiltCharm Squares QuiltColor Wheel QuiltProject Plume     J's QuiltFirst Quilts
3 comments on "Quilts"
  1. I love them all. I'm of course partial to elephants on parade. But I'm also a huge fan of your first Bliss Christmas quilts. Which I still remember from Dare to DIY. Basically, I'm your biggest fan. And I want to meet you halfway in Des Moines and have a quilt weekend. No. Seriously.

    1. Thanks! I love that idea. A sewing weekend with blog friends sounds amazing. We need to set that up.

  2. Jenny, I have my childhood twin-bed sized quilt made by MY great aunt. That makes it 65 years old. I bequeathe it to you because you are the only person I know who might like it. If you want it sooner than later, let me know. I can mail it to you. It is pink and has my name and animals appliqued on it.