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Allow me to Introduce Myself


Hello there! I’m Jenny.

I love pretty creative things.

Like DIY. And home decor. And modern quilting. And gardening. And kid's stuff. And sewing. And wine.

Not necessarily in that order.

I love to come up with grand ideas.  And I love to start projects but seem to lack in the area of  actually finishing them.  That is where my husband Derek comes in.  He gets to help execute all those visions and keep me on track in the unfinished project category.  Sometimes he does a better job than others.

Together we have been renovating our house one room on a time. On a budget.

We are the poster couple for learning as you go. We both have day jobs in totally unrelated fields and try to cram projects in on nights and weekends. And around naptime.

When we bought our first house we became DIYers by default of being penniless graduate students and only being able to afford a place that had feng shui symbols painted on the hardwoods and a kitchen floor completed by someone who watched way too much Trading Spaces. You know after it got crazy. Armed with no budget and not knowing how to hold a paintbrush, we got to work.

Luckily we loved it. And we didn’t kill ourselves or each other in the process.

We are have now moved on to house number two. This time it was pink countertops, honey oak and lots of shiny fake brass. And don’t forget the nasty wallpaper. Because we had way too much fun DIYing the first time, we thought that this was a grand idea.

Along the DIY journey, I developed a love of sewing.  And modern quilting.  And fabric purchasing.  All three have become some of my favorite hobbies and these creative endeavors also are a subject of posts while I try to figure out what the heck I am doing and try not to embarrass myself.  Well at least the first two.  I try not to bore you with pictures of piles of fabric in shopping bags.  (That is what Instagram is for, right?).

Our son, Carter, has joined the party and we have embraced nursery decor, baby proofing and playrooms in addition to keeping our eye on all the other projects that are still waiting. We are raising him to love hardware stores and Homegoods just as much as we do.

Grab a glass of wine, put your feet up and stay awhile. If you want to see where we have come from and determine that people who designed homes in the early 90’s in midwest surburbia need their head examined, check out the House Tour link up top with lots of good before and afters. If you want to get your hands dirty with a DIY project, head on up to the DIY Tutorials. Feeling crafty? Those tutorials are up above too.  Finally, the small collection of my quilts that I like to think of as modern, can be found in the cleverly titled Quilts tab.

I little note- please do not use my photos without my permission (but feel free to pin away!). If you complete a project using one of our tutorials I would love to hear about it (and see it), but I ask if you blog about it to please credit me with a link back.

Welcome to Anything Pretty!

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8 comments on "Allow me to Introduce Myself"
  1. Your kitchen is beautiful. Could you tell me where you got your tile for your backsplash? I am painting my cabinets also..the orig.ones look just like in color. I am also painting the cabinets in a dark espresso color....they look great, even though I'm only half way thru this project.

    Thank you


  2. Hi! I'm also a hater of honey oak cabinets and have many of them in my home. i LOVE how you redid your kitchen cabinets. Can you tell me, did you sand them down first and then paint them? Did you use a brush or a sponge?


  3. I just found your site through KOW and I must say... youre house is GORGEOUS. It is so beautiful. And wow, you TRANSFORMED that place! It had to be a ton of work! I love everything you've done and I'm so happy to see that you've cited your paint colors and everything, because I am about to steal your house! :) I'm kidding - but I did just buy my first house and am so inspired by what you've done. Awesome work!

  4. The before pictures are so familiar! I think every home I've lived in present house excluded has looked like that. You have done a great job at transforming the place. Designing spaces is so exciting! I have to admit that for me it's the brainstorming of design ideas that's the most fun. I am famous for starting project after project before the last is complete. It's as if I'll forget about that new thing I want to do if I don't at least get it started :)

  5. I love your blog! I'm adding it to my google reader so I can stay up to date with your blog. Great work :)

  6. Hi Jenny,

    I've had the best time reading through your blog. I love your ideas and that you posted tutorials for the burp cloths, craft table, water barrel, and more. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Jenny, I have never wrote a response on someone's blog, but holy cow your house is just like mine(except yours is way prettier). I need you to come over and help me lol! I live in the KC area if your close by. You have done an amazing job with everything, I will defiantly be posting my before and afters.

  8. I just found your posts about using the ace hardware cabinet paint. we are getting ready to paint my oak kitchen cabinets white and re-do the entire layout, including removing a wall. I know one of your posts was from 2009. How has this white paint with a coat of poly held up on high use areas? My husband is worried about chipping, and wearing off. tstravis emailed to aol dot com please