Hi I am 


Hello! I am Jenny Johannsen and I love all things pretty.  

I believe that your home should tell your story and be a collection of items that bring joy to your everyday...whether it is a rainy and cold Monday when you just want to cuddle under quilts with a cup of coffee or the first crisp day of fall after a long summer or during a snowfall when the world is quiet and still.

I am a school psychologist by day and an abstract artist by night that has DIYed her way through two houses.   That also loves to sew.

I guess you could say I just love making. 

My art is inspired by color and the intuitive and abstract nature of ink.  (see more about my work and my journey)

Throughout the past 9 years, we have created a home that tells our story and is a perfect space to raise our two rambunctious boys.   Our coffee tables are designed to be danced on and all the drapes are washable.

My goal is that this blog gives you a little inspiration to tell your story in your space and give you a behind the scenes glimpse of my creative process.  

Want to Know Even More?

Some other fun facts-

  • Both houses we have bought people have tried to talk us out of.  Probably because they were so ugly.  All you have to do it look at some before pictures and you will see what I mean.
  • Our second (and current) house had pink countertops when we moved in.  And so much honey oak.  High gloss honey oak.
  • I have been on a quest against said glossy honey oak since we signed on the dotted line and other than some random trim in a boy's closet, it has been eradicated from our home.  My most popular post has been about honey oak so I know you guys agree.
  • I love blue and green.  This could be influenced my the fact that I am the only female in my house including the dog.
  • I have no formal art training.  My last art class was in high school.  I took one visual arts class in college.  It was the semester that I met my now husband and I was in that "crazy in love and not able to think about anything else" phase.  That not thinking about anything else included my drawing class and I pulled an all nighter to get some crappy sketches down that I was supposed to be working on all semester.
  • I started sewing on my mom's old machine because I really wanted to make drapes and I was too cheap to buy the ones I wanted.  Now all the drapes in the house have been made by me and I still remember each time that I really hate sewing drapes.  #somuchfabric . I am glad I stuck with sewing and found quilting.
  • I am lucky to have a spare bedroom devoted to my creative work.  It is tricky because it is next to my oldest son's bedroom and I am often painting really late or really early so if you peek in you will see me dancing and painting with some wireless headphones.
  • My inks, paints and fabric all the share the same space.  It is a little precarious but I am careful and no unfortunate accidents have occurred...so far.
  • My husband is an excellent cook and I just make a giant mess in the kitchen.
  • I thought it was going to be difficult to come up with different random tidbits that were different from my other About page.  I was wrong so I guess I have a lot of randomness?