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Before/After- The Family Room


I wish I had taken the time to take more before pics of this pretty room. It would even be better if I had pics with the seller's furniture so we all can take in the view with hunter green and mauve couches as well as fake sunflowers.

Just picture that for a minute....

OK try to stop shuddering at another room with terrible colors paired with red.

Some of the trim in this room was painted white....but looks can be deceiving. They put on one coat of primer, dripped it all over the place and then called it good. The ceiling fan was not properly anchored and the fireplace was living in the 90's in all it's brass and honey oak. The one thing that this room had going for it was it did not have pink blinds like all the others. Small Victories.




family room
So what did we do?  Well first everything was painted obviously.  The trim got the the proper sanding and priming and painting.  And the walls were painted Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage.  Because of all the doors, furniture placement in the space….well was interesting.  But after many many attempts and me saying “it is just not all going to fit” numerous times (and some cursing), we made it all work.

family room
New ceiling fan was properly installed and anchored.

The fireplace was probably our biggest DIY in this space.

family room

Ahhh the fireplace.  The project that was supposed to be lower on the priority list because the tile was not great, we were going to live with it for awhile.

Until I went to Home Depot to grab some things two days after closing and found my husband and friend beating it with a sledge hammer.  Nice.

Only to find it was set in cement.  Which needed to be re-leveled before anything could be retiled. 

Officially in over our head.

Luckily my father-in-law came to the rescue to level it all out so Derek could embark on his first solo tile job. In the end it turned out great.

Also we did not not replace the brass accented fireplace doors.  Just a little high heat spray paint made them good as new. 

family room


The gallery wall was added after our Italy trip (blogged here).

family room

All the pillows and drapes were sewing DIY.  And since the pillows can all be changed easily, hopefully this will fulfill my need to make changes in the space when the urge hits.

family room


8 comments on "Before/After- The Family Room"
  1. What an amazing transformation!! You definitely have a talent for interior design... Unlike me, I can't even decide on what colour curtains to put in our dining room... pathetic!

  2. I just came across your blog today, and am WOWED by the difference in this room. It looks amazing

  3. Hi, I've stopped by from Romdel-a-holic! Love this transformation, especially what you did to the fireplace! I would love to see if you have a tutorial on how to remove old tile/replace, etc. We have some ugly tile on our fireplace as well (doesn't everybody?), but you've given me some inspiration to try something different!

    Love it!

    Lindsay from Tell'er All About It

  4. O M to the G... I can't believe the "before" pics. I would have walked right out of that house as soon as the real estate agent opened the door.

    You have such a good eye for changing traditional spaces. I'll need to keep this in mind the next time we're shopping for a home.

  5. I absolutely love your house and your style.

  6. You are doing a fantastic job on your home! I'm in love with your style and creativity. May I ask where you got your rug for the family room?

  7. Summer-

    Glad you like it! We got it from RugsDirect website!

  8. Where did you purchase the book shelves?