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When I saw this bird mobile project here I thought it was so cute. Problem was I have no baby or nursery to make it for, and I didn't think Derek would appreciate me making it for our "future kid". Luckily my best friend was pregnant and also loved it. So she sent me pics of her nursery colors and I went to buy fabric. Each bird is unique and hand sewn. It was a relatively quick and easy project. After the pieces were cut, I averaged getting three birds sewn a night just while relaxing and watching TV. Since she lives in D.C. and I was going to have to ship it, I did not put it all together so it could fit in a smaller box. I snapped a pic of all the cute birdies before they were shipped of to D.C.. The new baby was just born yesterday (yeah!!) so hopefully they will there to welcome her home. I will get an updated pic from the baby girl's nursery soon (since I am sure her mom has nothing better to do) and I will post the pics.

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