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A Girl's Best Friend

Is it sad that this has been in my purse for the past year?

This was probably one of the best (and least expensive) purchases of the entire house. I have had more sticky tabs on there (color coded per room of course) than I have on files at work. Also it is not just handy for choosing paint. Ordered a couch that won't be in the living room for a couple of weeks but need to pick other colors in the room? Just whip out your handy paint deck, find the closest color, stick on a post-it and you are set. See a really cute vase at the store but not sure if the color with match a particular room? Good thing you have your paint colors with you.

Some people might make fun of the paint deck (ummm like my sister who will be getting one in her Christmas stocking this year) but if you are in the middle of remodeling/renovations it is an invaluable and inexpensive resource.
2 comments on "A Girl's Best Friend"
  1. I think this is brilliant! I once met a friend "in real life" who I had chatted with for awhile on a home decor message board. We hit it off and decided to exchange phone numbers and email addresses. The only thing I had in my bag to write on was a paint sample chip. She lol'd when I pulled it out to write my info on, saying, "That is so you!" A girl can never have too many paint chips, lol!

  2. I'm jealous of your paint deck, and I'm with G&D, brilliant!