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It Hurts to Blog....

....because I am so sore. I never want to see rocks again.

The rain did clear up Saturday so Derek and I got to wallow in the mud to move three yards of rock and two yards of dirt into the backyard. That is about 65 wheelbarrows full. That is shoveling it in to a wheelbarrow, pushing the wheelbarrow through mud, dumping and spreading each load.....just in case you did not comprehend what 65 wheelbarrows entailed. Derek sat in bed last night calculating how many shovel fulls that involved but I will not bore you with that.

The weather turned out beautifully in the afternoon and we used every last minute of light to get everything moved. We had almost the perfect amount of dirt to fill the beds and fill in holes along the fence from the pups digging adventures. The rock was another story.......we, and by we I mean Derek, seriously over-estimated the amount of rock. He measured and plugged those calculations into an online calculator, but somehow when we were finished with the areas that we wanted rocks, 1/3 of the pile was still on the driveway. So either his measurements were off, the calculator was off, or the nursery just felt extra generous and decided to deliver an extra yard of rock on our driveway (Derek is claiming the last two of course).

So we made it a little thicker. Still tons on the driveway. Then we added some to another bed. Still a huge pile. So we talked about storing it for another area to use later on. We filled up one storage bin, realized how heavy it was and decided one bin was enough. So we walked around the cul-de-sac and checked to see if our neighbors wanted any any rock. Luckily we had a taker for some. After they were done taking a couple of wheel barrows full, we brainstormed about where else we could dump it. Finally we came up with the neglected side yard. So we added some under the bushes on the side. We tried to dance with happiness as we swept off the empty driveway but we were too sore.

Here are some pics.....sadly they still do not look that nice without plants. Also the grass really needs to be mowed but hopefully next weekend things will be farther along.
Halfway through the dirt pile

The dog path behind the new landscaping bed which still needs to be de-sodded. You can vaguely see the edging in the incredibly tall grass. The flowerpot is covering a sprinkler head that we still need to edge so it does not get covered in rock.

One of our other beds which got covered in 4 inches of rock because we had so much left.
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