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I honestly don't remember where I first got the idea for the 101 things in 1001 days. A blog? The Nest? Another random website? The idea came back up when Derek and I were having one of those "so when do we want to have kids" talks. We talked about all the little (and big things) we wanted to do before that time came. But instead of just talking about it, I decided we should each make a list so we had a better chance and actually doing it. So I googled "101 things in 1001 days" to get some ideas. There this actually an entire website dedicated to these lists here. Basically you make a list of specific measurable tasks to be completed in the next 1001 days. So Derek and I made our lists while driving to St. Louis at Christmas to visit family. When we got back I typed my up in a pretty font and have been diligently checking things off since then. (Derek has yet to type his but oh well.) But I have noticed that I have been slacking off in my checkmarks recently so I thought this blog would be the perfect place to make me accountable and document progress. Also it is a little sad how long my "house" category is so most of the things I would be posting about anyway.

I did not actually reach 101 things, but I have been adding things and whatever my number is, that is how many days I will give myself. Since I started 1/1/09 it will be easy to figure it out.

Also there are some things that are on the list that for personal reasons I don't want everyone in the world to know.

So here is my ultimate to do list- current completion date: about 1/1/11


1. Finish living room drapes

2. Finish sewing kitchen drapes

3. Paint master bedroom

4. New light fixture in foyer

5. Landscape front

6. Landscape side yard

7. Landscape back yard

8. Redo craft room

9. Redo guest bath

1o. Redo basement bath

11. Finish touch up paint

12. Paint master French doors

13. 100% finish kitchen

14. New photos in frames on photo wall

15. Get flower picture reframed

16. Put house pics on rate my space


17. Rip CDs in Itunes

18. Organize linen closet

19. Organize spice rack

20. Organize recipes

21. Backup pictures on computer

22. Organize coupons

23. Organize receipts

24. Organize magazines

25. Organize bedroom closets


26. Work out 5 out of 7 days a week for a month

27. Complete 30 day Shred

28. Complete 30 minute HIIT on bike

29. Ride bike on entire Indian Creek Trail

30. Run a 5K

31. Bike on Katy Trail

32. 2 bottles of water a day/month

33. Get a massage


34. Be able to walk Jack and Winter together with no pulling

35. Master drop it command

36. Master leave it command

37. Master stay command

38. Take pups on family vacation


39. Visit World War I museum

40. Go to Art museum together again

41. Visit farmer's market on a regular basis

42. Host large party

43. Get and learn how to use digital SLR

44. Take an Art class

45. Take a second enrichment class at community college

46. Start a vegetable garden

47. Start a new rose garden

48. Go apple picking

49. Do marriage workbook

50. private

51. private

52. Go to a new piano bar

53. Get library card

54. Go to library one a month for 6 months

55. Join some sort of club (book, gardening)

56. Learn to crochet

57. Learn to knit

58. Take a sewing class

59. Volunteer

60. Do a rotating new recipe night 5 times


61. Private

62. Set up automatic transfers to savings

63. Use cash system for 6 months


64. Start a blog

65. Put before pics of house in album

66. Organize inspiration pics on computer

67. Use Quicken consistently for 6 months

68. Sew four pieces of clothing

69. Read 75 books

70. Develop new storage system for jewelry

71. Finish living room throw pillows

72. New light fixture in guest room

73. Refinish bedroom set

74. Learn how to paint (oil/acrylic/watercolor)

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