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This Means War

Notice to the Rabbits who are eating all my new plants- Get out my yard or else.

I went to check on my new plants progress this morning and there were teeth marks all over my plants, especially the hostas. Grrrr.....

So I did tons of research on rabbit repellents. And by tons of research I mean I went to Home Depot and bought one of the ones they had.

Here is what I ended up with-

It was expensive at $11 for a spray bottle but if it saves my plants from the bunnies it is worth it.

So after work on Tuesday I decide to spray it on since it is not going to rain for 24 hours supposedly. First lesson- do not wear nice clothes while applying. Why? Because the smell is a mixture of piss and puke. The entire time I was applying it I had my shirt over my nose. According to the bottle, the smell is not noticeable to humans after it is dry and I sure hope so because if not it will also repel me from the garden.

As I am finishing I am also thinking quite happily to myself that this will also keep the dogs out of the landscaping because of the smell which would be a double bonus.

So I finish applying the spray to every new plant and then put the noxious bottle back in the garage. I then walk past the back windows still doing a happy dance and thinking how clever I am. As I am walking back in I see Jack (you know the long-haired dog that every thing sticks to) laying on his back on my plants and rubbing himself all over them (smashing them in the process of course) in order to get the smell all over him. I should have gotten a video of him to add to this post but I ran outside to yell at him before that thought popped in my head.

Awesome......rabbit repellent is our crazy dogs new perfume.
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