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I have been so busy actually working in the laundry room that I have not had much time to post about it (or anything else). Right now it is a total disaster and all the trim still needs another coat of paint so an after pic is still a little way off. In the meantime I wanted to share some pics I gathered to give me ideas. I was actually surprised how few laundry inspiration pictures I had saved (since I have a slight addiction to saving inspiration pictures) and even more surprised how few pictures were out there when I looked for more. I guess it is not a very glamorous room so not very many people post pictures. Here are some of the ones I stumbled on that helped me design our new remodeled laundry room-

from DecorPad courtesy of Design Inc.

Love the modern feel and the back splash. Also I am very jealous of the sink.

This room is not really my design style but I love the laundry basket storage....each person gets a basket and you can sort it as you fold. My mother had this system while we were growing up and it worked really well...especially if you were a teenager and just wanted to keep all your clothes in your basket so you did not have to put them away in the drawer

flickr find- saucy dragonfly's laundry room

Love everything about this room- the color, the space, the organization, the counter above the front loader...

From HGTV's Rate My Space Nashville 123 here

And those glass tiles and pendant light......

From HGTV's Dream Home 2009

I know that this is not a laundry room (duh), but this was my inspiration for the color scheme. Since our new laundry appliances are white and we already have a white counter in there, we went with the "white and one bright color scheme". Its a technical design term. I got vetoed on this green but I love how the white pops against the bright color.

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