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The laundry room is almost ready for me to post some pics. Choosing a color in this space was one of the most difficult rooms of the house which surprised me since it is a room that not a lot of people see. But I think that is what made it so hard.....I could go a little more crazy. I talked about the ideas here. I wanted a bright and bold color and here is what I found as inspiration.

found here

and (because I have the best husband ever who gave me free reign to paint the laundry room pink)....

But it is also a small room so I did not want to make it too dark like a cave. I brought out my trusty paint deck and tried to find colors that were similar. Then I went to Sherwin Williams and bought two paint samples-Lagoon and Berry Bush. I was convinced that I would love one (or both) of them.I put them both on the wall and then stood back. Problem was neither one of them were really that great. So I thought I just needed to let them dry. Next day we stared at them some more and Derek admitted he really wasn't feeling either one of them. I think the issue was that we did not like them in combination with each other. Nothing says 1990 like turquoise and mauve. But even when I tried to look at the separately I still could not decide. I did pick up another paint chip at Sherwin Williams that was in special collection so it was not in my paint deck- Blackberry.

I loved how rich it was but was concerned it was way too dark for the small room even with the white appliances.

So we went with a relatively safe choice- Foggy Day. This is the same paint we used on the dining room ceiling and so far the first "color repeat" in the house.
I was then thinking of doing horizontal stripe to spice it up, but luckily Derek talked me out of it because it would be too busy in small room. At least that it what he said his reason was....I think it was more along the lines of he did not want to paint stripes.

Stay tuned for progress pics with Foggy Day!
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