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Good News/Bad News

I guess actually I should say Bad News/Good News since I am going to start with the Bad first. But it just does not have the same ring to it.

Anyway the bad news is that today was my first day back at work. In some ways I love the a new school year with all the excitement and resolutions that things are going to go differently this year. Everyone is in a great mood. I am thinking about posting my personal new school year resolutions but I don't think that they would mean anything to anyone but me. I will spare you the time it would take to read that pointless post.

I actually was OK getting up this morning and work was a nice change of pace because it did not involve painting and I actually showered before six p.m. But it does not change the fact that I am back at work and do not have another day off until Labor Day (or maybe tomorrow and next Friday because we are still on summer schedule, but that does not sound as pathetic). I am sure all of you out there that work 12 months a year are really not feeling my pain (like my husband) but I can still call it bad news because it means slowing down on the ambitious projects. I keep arguing that since I worked summer school that I only had 2.5 weeks of vacation and in the education world that is nothing. But still no sympathy.

On to the good news- since I am back at work my blogging should return to its regular schedule. You would think that when I have all day to work on projects that I would be cranking out post after post. But I was surprised to learn that this was in fact the opposite. It is hard to blog when you are wearing paint clothes all day and cannot sit at a computer long enough to type. So stay tuned because I have a lot of material to cover in the next couple of weeks. I have been busy and all the projects are at about 90% now so I better get my butt in gear over the weekend to get them all finished for your reading enjoyment.

Stay tuned!
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