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Hope everyone had an awesome 4th! We spent the day with friends at the pool, BBQing, and then watching fireworks. I wish I could say I had tons of pics to share but again I brought the camera but did not take it out of the bag. Sarah did snap a classic one of me giving her dog the remnants of my beer. Bailey loves it I swear. It was a great time and honestly more than we usually do on this holiday because a certain dog has an extreme firework phobia.

We are gearing up for a full week of projects but since I have not had time to snap pics I just thought I would share this until tomorrow. I originally saw this on one of my favorite blogs Nuestra Vida Dulce and loved it.
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Growing up in St. Louis it was always considered soda and anyone who said pop was from the country (or Hoosier which means redneck in St. Louis lingo). Moving to the western portion of the state, everyone says pop. I swore I would never do it. But five years later, I am catching myself referring to it as pop. I think it is so interesting if you look regional variation even within a state. So do you think this is accurate?
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