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My One Seed Success

Last winter I had the bright idea of starting tons of seeds indoors to get a jump start on the spring.

The bright idea failed miserably as everything died a) when I set the tray outside to "harden" the seedlings or b) when I planted them in the ground. I even followed the instructions and everything. Sigh....

When I planted my side yard I put a couple of dahlia seedlings in between the other plants just to see if they would survive. Much to my surprise this is what they look like now-

The bees even like them-
The side garden has really turned into the "cutting" garden despite the fact that it does not get tons of sun. I can't wait to plant even more flowers there next year.
And what is the point of having a cutting garden without vases of flowers?

So worth the packet of seeds that cost a dollar. Dahlias won't survive a frost, but I have read that if you dig up the tubers and store them over the winter that you can replant the same plants in the spring. Hopefully they will be as successful as the seed. Well the dahlia seed at least....
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  1. Your cutting garden is lovely! It has been so hot here that everything looks pretty tired; how nice to have fall flowers!
    I think the tubers will survive if you do as you said. I just bought daffodil bulbs and am going to try them a big pot (planted really close together) this year. We have to refrigerate them here 6 weeks before we start simulate a frost.