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Putting the Craft Room to Use

It's official.... the new craft room has produced one completed project (and 14 works in progress but we don't need to dwell on that)

Tah Dah!
The lines on the stripes are straight, it is just the way it is hanging....I swear

....a cute baby blanket for the future son of the girl who cuts my hair. So why did this get done when everything else is stranded "in progress". Uh, mostly because I had a deadline since I had a hair appointment. Sadly I was not able to wash it to give it crinkly look before I gave it to her, but honestly I was lucky to snap a couple of pics of it before heading to work that day.

This blanket was super easy to make and only took me a couple of hours to construct. I used this tutorial at My Spare Time as general guidance especially on the binding since it was the first time I had used it.

If you want specific instructions especially about things like pressing open seams, basting and what stitch to use, refer to her tutorial, but here is my quick and dirty version. I planned on taking pics documenting my steps but I was in too big of hurry to get it done.

I used 3/4 yard of the white fabric (did not use it all though), 1/2 yard flowered fabric for the front and 1 yard cozy flannel for the back. I cut the fabrics for the top in strips of random lengths. Then I laid them in out in a pleasing design and sewed them together. Next I quilted the top with the flannel back using straight lines like you see here (again in a random pattern)-
To make sure the lines stayed straight I used an old DIY standby- blue painters tape. In my world blue painters tape is the new duct tape.

Finally I added binding to the edges. I admit, this step involved some cursing and having to rip some seams at the corners. Fortunately I think I finally got the hang of it by the last corner. We will see if that skill sticks for the next blanket I make.

Here it is all ready to be tied with a bow and given to the mom-to-be.

While I was sewing, Derek dared to venture in the room once and made the comment "When you are pregnant you are never going to leave this room are you?." Nope.....well I guess maybe to sleep.
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