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Before/After- The Guest Bath

Ready to see the After pics of our guest bath? Just to make sure you remember where we came from (like we posted here) behold what we started with-

When we moved in we fondly named it the "Wizard of Oz" bathroom. You know- Dorothy gingham paired with the yellow brick road. Mix that with the fact that we live in Kansas and it becomes such an "awesome" theme.

Add more honey oak, a huge builders mirror, brass, and blue peel and stick tile and this bathroom landed with every other room in the house on our makeover list. To complicate matters the floor also sloped...a lot. Not the kind of sloping that you need a level to see, but the type of slope that makes you say "holy crap is the house falling down" when you walk on it. The home inspector reassured us that nothing structural was wrong with the house, but we still needed to fix it as we remodeled this room.

Oh yeah I almost forgot that it glowed-


We started by taking out the vanity, the glued on mirror, the vinyl floor and the toilet-

We fixed the subfloor and then laid a vapor barrier and metal bracing for the cement to level the floor-
Then to level the floor we poured cement. The low side was about 2 inches below the other side....hence the slope-
Then the beadboard went up-
We fixed all the walls, painted and then put down the tile on our newly leveled floor-
I glazed the vanity in other room during this process as detailed here-

And now drumroll......The After.....

So what do you think? This bathroom will eventually will be our future kids so we wanted it to be easily converted to a kids bathroom. But at the same time be elegant and functional for our current guests. So we decided on a light blue (the paint color is Sherwin William's Sleepy Blue). Of course we used my favorite paint (detailed here) on all the new beadboard.

The shower curtain was one of the most difficult design decisions. We started with solid white and it blended too much with the wainscoting. But I did not want solid brown because it would match the cabinet. But all the patterns with blue did not match the blue on the walls at all. After going to numerous stores (it is actually is embarrassing how much time we spent on this decision) we found this one which I like because it is a little more modern.

Anyway let's get to the nitty gritty of the budget. Our goal was to spend less than $700.

Things that were free:
Shower hooks/liner- from previous house
Toilet Paper Holder and Hand Towel Ring-free with faucet
Faucet-Bought for old house and not used
Vanity hardware-left over from kitchen remodel
Vanity Glaze-supplies left over from kitchen remodel
Towels-used at old house
Accessories on shelf and toilet-from previous house
Sticks in vase-harvested from yard
White Paint-left over from other trim

Things that were not-so-free:

Light Fixture-$69.99 (Home Depot)
Mirror- $49.99 (Homegoods)
Paint- $35 (Sherwin Williams)
Beadboard/Cement/Thinset/Grout/other hardware- $200
Tile - $200 (closeout at tile and stone warehouse)
Silver Tray- $19.99 (Homegoods)
Silver Tray Accessories- $8 (Homegoods)
Shower Curtain- $26.99 (Target)
Towel Bar- $7.99 (Homegoods)
Brown Shelf-$6.99 (Homegoods)
Vase- $14.99 (Homegoods)
Orchid- $14.99 (Home Depot-yes it's real which is possible because of the skylight)

Grand Total: $654.92 Not bad for a complete bathroom overhaul including a sloping floor if I do say so myself. I hope our guests love it as much as we do!
43 comments on "Before/After- The Guest Bath"
  1. Gorgeous! I love everything about it. The contrast between the pale blue walls and the browns in the rest of the space is fantastic! I'm so glad you did that open shelf above the toilet too. I'm thinking about doing the same thing in my bathroom when I finally redo it and it looks awesome.

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  3. Love it! Def. inspiration for my master bath! The beadboard is my fav. part. :)
    One question - how did you do the beadboard behind the mirror? Does the mirror stick out from the wall, or did you cut the molding so the mirror would lay flat?

  4. Getting ready to redo my hall bath and yours is such and inspiration. Please tell me the name of the SW paint color.


  5. Wow what a huge difference!! Everything looks so nice, very freseh....loving it

  6. You are amazing. I love this transformation. great work, looks like a million dollars!

  7. Wow! This is gorgeous. I love the colors together, just perfect.

  8. It looks fantastic ...and staying under budget is such a great bonus!!

  9. Hi, I just came across your blog. I'm in love with some of your DIY projects! Simply just WOW! :)

  10. Catherine-
    We just left the beadboard behind the mirror in case we ever decide to change it out or it breaks or something like that. I was worried about it sticking out as well, but it only does slightly and I think it looks fine. I can send you a detail pic if you want to see it up close!

  11. KtK-
    The paint color is Sherwin Williams' Sleepy Blue. Glad you like it!

  12. Love, love, love! It is gorgeous - great job!!

  13. Looks great! We have the same shower curtain. : )

  14. What a beautiful space! It looks like you and the husband did a really thorough job with your work. The beadboard adds such a classic touch, yet the bathroom looks so modern.

  15. Holy Moly... absolutely gorgeous! I love the before "glow" pic. GREAT transformation!

  16. Love it! I love the blue and black together and the beadboard is super cute.

  17. It looks fantastic! Love the paint color and accessories.

  18. Hi Jenny,
    This is my first time visiting your blog, came over from TDChick's blog. I couldn't believe your bathroom, it is gorgeous and I love it because it is so much like what we are doing ourselves. The first phase is done, but now I have to work on the dressing area part. I have dark walnut cabinets and I plan on using the same type of hardware but I was wondering about the glazing you did to your cabinet???
    What is it and where do you buy it and do you think it would make a dark walnut cabinet look even better??? I just love your bathroom, it really is so lovely.
    Now I am excited to get started again on mine. We completely redid the watercloset and shower area and finished in November then took a break for all the holidays,
    so sometime soon we will be ripping down wallpaper. After seeing your bathroom I can hardly wait to get started again. Thanks for sharing that beauty with us.
    Loved all your pics, and look forward to visiting again soon.
    Blessings, Nellie

  19. ~WOW! Jenny I LOVE this bathroom! You did an amazing job on it.

    It's GORGEOUS in every way! ;)

  20. Gorgeous! What a great transformation! A funny thing is I looked back to see what paint color again because I loved it so much, and I have Sleepy Blue in my sons room and I love that color! Great job!

  21. Ahhhhhh! Stress release. Love your transformation! Bathrooms {and kitchens} can make some of the best transformations.

  22. Stunning!! I LOVE this! You have inspired me to glaze my ugly oak cabinets. Please tell me the color of the paint sample you used. I checked out your how-to page but you didn't list the color.


  23. This is BEAUTIFUL!! Yesterday I started redoing my bathroom in black, white and yellow. Seeing yours has me very excited to see my after pictures!!

  24. This is STUNNING!! Wow. (I actually said that outloud.)

  25. Nellie-

    Glad our little bathroom remodel inspired you! I think the glazing would look great on any type of wood even though I have only tried it on oak. I used Valspar glaze and a Branchport Brown paint sample. I wrote an entire post with detailed instructions that you can find the link to up in this post or by clicking the "How-To" link at the top of the blog. Good luck with your remodel...especially the wallpaper!

  26. Love it! I'm starting my own bathroom remodel soon. I'm totally inspired now! Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  27. Love this! The shower curtain is a great bold pattern- kudos!

  28. how inspiring!
    I'm paying close attention to bathrooms right now as we get ready to redo ours, and I have to say yours is lovely. Thanks for sharing how you did thins, that's SO hoelpful

  29. Gorgeous!!! I love the colors!

  30. Wow!!! What a transformation! It looks amazing.

  31. Love it. I'm in the middle of a bathroom reno so I have total respect for the work that goes into it. You did an amazing job for any budget, much less one under $700!

  32. I love how your bathroom turned out! Absolutely Gorgeous!

  33. Your idea for the glaze and paint to still see the wood is BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing.

  34. That turned out beautiful! I found this post while searching for a way to do something with all the honey oak cabinets in my house. LOVE your glazing idea! Now I just need to be brave enough to try it! Off to explore your kitchen re-do now...

  35. Great Job. Love the colors you picked.

  36. your home reno chronicles are an inspiration! thanks for sharing!

  37. Love, love, love! It is gorgeous - great job!!