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Delayed Gratification

This weekend it looked like a small animal had started to make small, systematic burrows all throughout the garden. So should we start setting traps? Or set the dogs out on a hunt?

Actually we were the the culprits. Why? To plant bulbs of course. Tulips are on my top five favorite things about spring and you have to plant them in the fall in order to get the enjoyment in the spring.

I fell in love with tulips while we were in college. They planted millions of tulip bulbs every winter and the campus was covered with them in the spring. It made me so happy to walk around campus and know spring was coming.

Bulb planting used to be one of Derek's least favorite activities because honestly digging hundreds of tiny holes in heavy clay soil took forever. But this weekend we planted over 150 bulbs in less than a half hour. How? With these two tools-

The specifically designed drill bit for bulb was a life saver. Derek drilled the holes and I followed behind him throwing in the bulbs. Then we just covered it back up with dirt and start the countdown until spring to see all the pretty flowers pop up.

When we did it the old way, we used this thing. The soil just got stuck in it and we had to pry out with a stick.

After a particularly frustrating bulb planting session two years ago, Derek asked why we did not drill like the landscaping guys at college did when they were covering hills with hundreds of them. I assumed that the drill was a specialized piece of landscaping equipment not available to mere homeowners. But luckily for us we found it at our local hardware store for a couple of bucks. So this year, after just a half hour, our backyard beds were prepped to hopefully look like our front ones did last spring.


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  1. We planted tulips this year. They are along the fence, so I think they'll look so nice. When is spring coming?