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Whatever Happened to the After?

The laundry room after has been in the works for a long time.....and we are still not totally there yet. Remember how I am the queen of completing 90% of a project and then moving on to start something new? Well this one stalled around 70%. Since May.


Honestly the laundry room was not at the top of our renovation list because while it was full of oak and had a very awkward was the laundry room.

I did not get a true "before" picture because Derek was way too quick ripping out a laminate counter

So imagine a long laminate counter above the wood strips. The layout with the counter made for a lot of unusable space. We also had the pleasant surprise of finding that counter was not really secured to anything....the former owners decided just to set it on the strips of wood. The light fixture just had a single bulb which made the room very dim but did do a good job of hiding the dirty walls.

Ahhhhh oak...

But I kept telling myself that it was the laundry room and therefore low on the priority renovation list.

Then the dryer stopped working.

I pretended to be sad....but I really was thinking "front-loaders". Derek was really sad because he thought a new TV was next on the big purchase list. But clean clothes are a need right?

So we bought these babies.

I even blogged about my love for them....sad isn't it?

Paint color was difficult in this room.  But we finally decided and repainted, reorganized, and relit.

And there it has sat for months.

Why?  Because I wanted a counter spanning the the entire length of the room over the washer and dryer and over a side shelf that would hold laundry baskets for sorting clothes.  The problem with that small request?


Outlets and water valves right where the counter needed to be hung.

So we gave up took a breather until this weekend when we decided to tackle the counter problem.  I was leaning towards just placing some sort of counter material on top of everything and not secured to the wall.  Derek however decided to raise it a couple of inches over the outlets and cover the gap in the front with decorative molding.

We did a lot of thinking about our countertop if choice.  The first priority was that it be easy to move if we need to.  We hope our new machines last for a very long time, but in case they bite the dust in the next five years, we did not want to add the pain of ripping our counters to accomodate the new dimensions.  Also while the counters are secured well, they still cannot be secured all the way across because of the outlets and water valves so the material could not be too heavy.  Bye granite and tile!

Since I am happy with the top of my craft room desk especailly considering how much abuse it gets, we decided to go the MDF route with tons of poly on top.  Cheap, easy, light, and moveable......perfect.

So right now I am in the process of finishing the MDF.  I have a really great design in mind that I hope will look awesome and tie the entire room.  I am seeing visions of green painters tape and gray paint.  The first coat went on Sunday so hopefully the 300 coats of poly will be done by this weekend for finally an "after".  Or I could wait another six months....hmmmmm.
6 comments on "Whatever Happened to the After?"
  1. It's looking really good! I can't wait to see the end result. You have such a good eye for paint colors!

  2. Your laundry room has already come a long way, looking forward to seeing that counter top!

  3. 1. Love your fancy washer and dryer.
    2. Love the wall color - what is it?
    3. LOVE how you did the countertop! We have the same problem in our area, but on top of the outlet, it's also a slanted ceiling, so we had to nix the countertop idea. In our next house, the countertop is a must have.

    Can't wait to see it all put together. =)

  4. Thanks guys! The paint color is Foggy Day by Sherwin Williams and it took me forever to figure out what I wanted in there.

  5. Front loading washer, I wish I had one! Love the paint color on the walls, can't wait to see how the counter top turns out!

  6. Looks great so far!! My husband and I recently revamped our laundry room. We installed a counter above our W&D and I LOVE it! It adds so much work space. Good luck with the rest of the project!