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Dear Label Maker,


Sorry Label Maker but you may have be dethroned as my favorite organizing companion.


You had a great run with organizing lots of things like the linen closet and numerous other closets.  But in the craft room I needed a little something different.  Like these-IMG_0497

You see I have a this problem with the craft room….my attention is always shifting from one craft to another.  You were just too….permanent.  I could not commit to static labels that long.

I can change the post-it labels so quickly and easily.  They stick just like the adhesive on the top of a traditional post-it….except the entire label is covered with it.  But you can move it and change the label just as easy as switching a normal post-it.  My one hint….they are not found next to the post-its.  I had to go to the “label” aisle at the office supply store to snag them.

For example… in the closet…..I started with this. 

With the help of my Post-It Labels and some heavy duty sorting and purging, it now looks like this-


Now all my magazines, fabric, partially finished projects and wrapping supplies are handily organized.

And you see that empty shelf?  There is a plan for that….my new craft obsession is quilting (like I happened to mention here) and therefore all my new fabrics already have a home waiting.

My other fabrics that have greater yardage are organized in a hanging system.  IMG_0378

All the cotton fabrics are hanging on the white hangers, knits and flannel on the navy hangers and the home dec fabric are on the tan hangers.

I thought about being an over achiever and measuring each piece of fabric and writing the yardage on customized dry erasable labels hanging from each hanger.  Then I got tired and decided that the color coding was going far enough to keep in semi organized.  Maybe when I am bored this summer I will take on that idea but until then just pretend I have ultra cute tags.

Next to the hanging area I have my project boxes.  These will be changing a lot (at least I hope) and the post it labels are perfect.  (Notice the honey oak is still hanging on in the closet.  That way I can remember it’s ugliness and be grateful that is gone from the rest of the room.  Or I just was so incredibly sick of painting trim that I decided that the closet did not matter)


Hopefully this box will be empty soon as it was supposed to be a gift for this past Christmas.


I am loving all the pieces of a project in one centralized location so that I do not lose any pieces and can work on multiple things at a time.  This just feeds the crafting ADD.

Miscellaneous fabric (like linings, interfacings, and left over batting) joins all the wrapping supplies in this organizer.


I try to recycle magazines…but some I cannot part with and before the “great reorganization” were just stacked everywhere.  Now they are nicely stacked at the top of the closet where i can easily access them them but they are out of the way.



The rest of the craft room also received a good organization courtesy of the post-it label.  But that will have to wait for another post.  Don’t want to provide everyone with too much riveting entertainment at once…

7 comments on "Dear Label Maker,"
  1. Wow! You are my organizing hero! I've never even thought about hanging fabric on hangers...genius!

  2. Wow! It looks amazing. I'm pretty sure we were meant to be BFFs because we both love to craft, quilt and organize. I, too, have a love for my label maker. And, I most certainly cleaned and purged my craft closet this weekend. although, I couldn't even get into the closet and there was NO way I was going to take a picture. You are brave.

    And, I'm thinking you are a genius to hang your bigger yardages. I'm SO doing that.

    (And, I spy Figgy Pudding fabric. I have a load to make a quilt.)

  3. I just may need to grab me some of those! BTW, at IKEA they have these awesome magazine racks that hang on the wall. I bought one for my craft room to hold all my magazines.

  4. I went through a similar cleansing process earlier this year. But still need to attack the growing pile of magazines...

  5. Cute! Can I come shopping in your fabric selection? I spy some I like!

  6. wow! you're fantastic! my organizing shero... were kindred spirits i know it... i'll be back, for sure!
    p.s. i left something for you over at my spot...