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Glazed Over


Wanna know one of my favorite parts of blogging?

Seeing how readers take my how-tos and run with it which result in stunning results.

I was on the Nest the other day and happened to see how Beth&Derek was doing her part to rid the world of honey oak one room at a time. 

She used the glazing technique from my honey oak bathroom vanity and applied it to her entire kitchen with amazing results.

Here is what she had to say-

We're still not completely done refinishing our cabinets (need to finish adding the molding and hanging a new wine rack),  We used 4 parts clear mixing glaze and one part paint (BM Branchport Brown).  The hardest part was definitely the sanding. Removing the hardware was easy, but the pulls we had were 2.5" and 3" is pretty standard (the new ones we got are 3") so we needed to fill one of the holes and drill a new one on each door/drawer before painting.  I should add that even though the sanding sucked, it only took 2 days (I was home on vacation). The painting and the poly took longer because I had to wait for each coat to dry. I have to thank you for the inspiration!!

Here is the honey oak glory she started with-eh0rax

And then after the glazing-2iuxlhi

Wow! I can’t get over how much better the appliances, wall color and counters look with a different glaze on the cabinets.  She did an amazing job and it looks like a completely different kitchen.

Want to try it for yourself?  Check out the how-to here.  I would love to see what you come up with!

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14 comments on "Glazed Over"
  1. So so amazing, what a drastic and beautiful change!

  2. Wow they do look great. I painted mine cream and put an antique glaze over them its amazing how much just a little paint can change the whole look of a kitchen! I am invious of ur appliances BTW :-)

  3. And on another note, I just spent the last 20 minutes combing through all of your old posts and I'm in love - your house is stunning, your pictures are fabulous and you have amazing style.

  4. O My God! The after is just stunning!

  5. It is such an amazing difference. She did a wonderful job. I would have never thought those were the same cabinets!

    This is a perfect example of why this internet/blogging world is so great! You were able to share your wisdom and experience with others to get great results. What did people do before the internet?

  6. I think I need to try this. I have been going back and forth between this and painting our tv stand. I just cannot decide.

  7. What a fantastic transformation! It is amazing what a difference the cabinet color makes. I am still working up the courage (and energy ;), but hope to get to it as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer. Leaving the windows open to rid the house of paint fumes will be nice. haha.

  8. Hello

    That is a great tranformation. Do you have any advice for those of us who have kitchen cabinets that have already been painted a few times over the years? I have this situation at home and cannot close my cabinet doors because of the paint and probably the old worn out hinges. Do you have any advice for stripping them down and staining them? I hear people say that this is really hard and a lot of work.

    By the way I love your canopy bed and laundry room!

  9. This kitchen is amazing! I'm new here to your blog and I'll love to follow you! I'll catch up on your posts tomorrow! I'm headed to bed!

  10. I was blown away when I saw your glazing how to: TOO!!

    Their kitchen looks so much better

  11. Hi Jenny, I posted about YOUR kitchen yesterday on my blog. stop by and check it out when you have a chance!

  12. I found you through another blog and I hate honey oak too - and am cursed with them. I've bookmarked your site and am going to be using your tutorial to change mine - one day. I'll be sure to give you credit. Love your style!

  13. I must say that your cabinets are amazing! I used your treatment on a dresser this weekend...take a look!

    And I plan to do my honey-glazed cabs in the next few weeks!

  14. I know this post is about a year old, but I just found this blog and this post. Your changes are so gorgeous!

    I'm just wondering if this glazing technique would be suitable for flooring? My floor, moldings, ceiling beams, and kitchen are all honey oak. My building is a renovated bank, & I want to keep the charm it has. I'm one of those weird people who has panic attacks about painting over such nice wood finish. But glazing it so it's more like my preferred dark cherry is so much more doable. The floors are the problem--I'm not sure the glazing would stay with the wear & tear on them. Am I screwed? Do I need to just strip & refinish the whole floor?