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Knock Knock….Spring is That You?


All around blogland I have been seeing beautiful and inspiring pictures of spring.  I love seeing all sorts of flowers and green re-making its appearance. 

So I thought I would share what good ole Zone 5 looks like this time of year.   Not as springy as the warm places are sporting but I am taking what we can get.

Especially considering that last weekend we started with this….mother nature did not get the memo that it was the middle of March. 







Unfortunately the rabbits (and weeds) are also making their spring appearance-IMG_0803



ahhhh spring…..

I just may have gone to Home Depot yesterday to buy some potting soil and pansies for the front porch.  And while I was there, the vegetable vendor just might have been there delivering all his goodies.  And I might have browsed them to see if lettuce and spinach were there.  You know because they can withstand a freeze and all.  And it does not hurt to check.  And to stare at the mini tomatoes and herbs.  Sigh.  But I sad happy to report that I restrained myself by repeating over and over “It is too early….they will freeze and die…and then you will be very very angry.”  So for the next couple of weeks I will just have to take solace in the green beginning to poke up and knowing that they are waiting for me to take home and be part of our garden this year.

Now if I can just figure out just how to get rid of the bunnies and weeds and figure out how to have the beds add compost to themselves I would be set.  Hmmmm….

8 comments on "Knock Knock….Spring is That You?"
  1. ahh yes - I am a fringe zone 5, almost zone 4 and we had the same snow nonsense that covered all the easter decor outside. Glad to see that things are starting to sprout, you've given me the courage to go outside and assess the damage caused by the record snowfall this year. Happy Planting!

  2. We're zone 5 and we deal with very similar springs. Ugh. But I can't wait for the green grass to actually start poking through.

  3. I am loving zone 7 right about now! All of your green looks very pretty. Just think - at least you don't live in zones 4, 3, 2, or 1.

  4. Ahhhh.... the Midwest. I'm between 4 and 5 for zones. I'm just happy the snow is gone. I am ready for spring.

    PS - did you see this table runner today? It's quilted as you go.... loves it.

  5. it is so great to see all the green popping up here in colorado, but we will get more snow, i am sure of it. that's the way spring works here. :)

  6. I am hoping we are in the clear now - loving this warm weather and sunshine!!

  7. Here in"sunny" So Cal, we had HAIL today! Fortunately, I don't think it damaged the tomatoes I planted two weeks ago; they just got off to a good start! And something is eating my basil... yet I can't see any snails in or near the pot. It's too early for grasshoppers, so I am stumped! Any ideas???

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