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Painting Addiction


For the last couple of days I have gotten this brilliant crazy idea in my head that just maybe we should repaint the entrance foyer.

Since I have missed painting so much.

And even though that poses many challenges.

First of all…the current color is OK.  It is actually the single room in this house that has not been repainted from the previous owners.  And really the color is fine.  When we first looked at the house with our realtor, I actually commented that it was good thing they picked an OK color and no wallpaper for that room because it would be awful to paint.


Issue #2 is that this room is 2 stories.  And I am really not a big fan of heights. So it will involve a lot of paint and a lot of time on a very tall ladder.  Yikes.

(Ignore the Christmas garland….it was the best “two story” pic I have)DSC01647

Issue #3 is this monstrosity.  Yuck.IMG_0654

I refuse to clean it or change any of the light bulbs in it because it is so ugly.  And even with a very tall ladder we cannot replace it because it is in the middle of the ceiling requiring scaffolding.

When the furniture delivery guys were bringing in our new mattress they whacked it pretty hard and I really hoped it would come crashing down so that the replacement would be on their dime.  Unfortunately it did not fall and shatter.

So even if I go through the pain of painting I will not be any more satisfied with this room until that thing is gone.

Why am I even thinking about doing this since I have all these good reasons not to?  Other than than the fact that I am strangely addicted to an activity that I largely cannot stand to actually do?

Well, first of all the front of the house faces north and does not get a lot of light so  lighter color would really help open it up I think.  I am thinking of an elegant light gray.  Like this….



Then there is this little detail-


Classy. I guess they got tired of painting?

And then finally.


The last.oak.window.

If I get enough courage to be that high on the ladder (it on the second story over the door), I will also have to be brave enough to climb there and de-oakify.

So I guess the questions are…how much do I love gray? …..and… afraid am I of heights?

9 comments on "Painting Addiction"
  1. Your gray choices are gorgeous! I am also a hater of heights and had to paint my stairway that had very high ceilings that I thought were unreachable without an extension ladder. I went to home depot to get paint and while waiting for the mix I found a shur line edger and these slim line rollers with nap on the end. I tried a shur-line edger + a very long extension pole for where the ceiling meets the wall, and the slimline roller with nap on the ends + the same extension pole to paint the inside corners. Those two products plus the extension pole cost me less than $50 at home depot - and kept me off the ladder!! You can't tell that I didn't tape along the ceiling and that I didn't cut in with a brush. It wouldn't help with your honey oak window, but would at least eliminate ladder time for painting your walls. Good Luck! BTW - I am a new reader of your blog and just LOVE it, thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Oh yikes... that looks like a pretty huge project.

    We, too, have an ugly over-the-stairs light and our walls need repainting. I ended up painting every other wall in the house, but cannot bring myself to deal with the 2 story painting.

    If you tackle this, you might choose to paint the lower (ie reachable) parts of the wall in the color you choose and leave it for a week or so to make sure you love it before painting the upper... because it would suck to paint all that wall with a color you didn't really love...

    (but the two grays shown are lovely.)

  3. EEK - painting up on a ladder is scary. Is hiring professional painters an option? I love your grey paint swatches!

  4. Your gray sample on the left is the color I am going for in my office. Love it!

    That is an overwhelming project, but I say go for it. Just make sure you love the color and won't be changing your mind down the road. Good luck!

  5. I love gray, too. It would look beautiful.

    The oak window would be enough for me. We share the disdain for honey oak. =)

    Good luck, girl. I already know you are going to do it. ;) If you are anything like me, this post is just a prelude.

  6. I heart anything grey and thing that color will look perfect in your entryway

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog because of a comment you left at YHL. I absolutely love your blog and all of your crafts!

  8. Grey is pretty great. I would help. I actually love to paint.

  9. I would say this is a perfect opportunity to hire someone, since you did all your other work yourselves. Scaffolding would be a big pain! I almost killed myself painting our 15 ft stairway on a ladder, and I will never do it again!