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Turn Back Time

There are some perks to sharing an office with the space that old school library books go to die.  Besides the potential for procrastination. And the ambiance that shelves of books bring (paired with the hum of the main computer servers of course).

Anyway you get to score these finds.

You know when you read the books from the 50’s about how to be a “good wife” and so forth?  Well these remind me of that but only with interior design and decorating….in 1987.  Which of course is also known as the golden years of design and fashion. But on the other really does not seem that long ago.  I would link to them for purchase (or possibly an updated edition) but could not find them anywhere.

Let me share some of the gems-

But I thought that the addition of this coffee table was interesting.….look familiar?


Maybe they were onto something??  Nah, the mint and mauve definitely counteracted that.

Bring back any memories?

6 comments on "Turn Back Time"
  1. I can remember a sorority house at UCLA all done in pink, mint green and emerald green. Lots of geranium prints. VERY girl-y!

  2. le sigh. Mint and mauve.....

    Loves. I wanna have an office where library books go to die. Who needs Google Reader, then?

  3. I love looking at old house mags and books. Too funny how some things are so awful but others are so hot right now.

  4. I love anything vintage - well, most things! I have the CB2 Lucite console table and someday hope to get the coffee table, I'm too cheap to pay full price so I just stalk craigslist :-)

  5. Oh...I remember when mauve and brass were all the rage:)
    I also remember hunter green carpets being the "it" thing!
    Too funny!

  6. I'm glad we're not using that decorating style any more!

    you should submit these books to