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Flower Power


I may of mentioned it before, but I loooove spring and summer. 

It may have something to do with the flowers.  Doing dishes or responding to emails is suddenly more fun when there are bits of prettiness from your garden next to you.   Bonus points if they smell like roses.


I used to try to make these elaborate arrangements and only buy plants that would be perfect for cut flowers.  But that took too long and I had lots of plants that did not fit that mold.   And let’s be honest, floral designing is not one of my gifts.

Now I just keep a cabinet full of random vases ready for the flowers of the season.   And a pair of clippers right by the back door so every afternoon I can see what is inspiring me to come inside.


Votive holders and any old glass jar work just as well.  I have found that I use my shallower ones the most often as they do not require a long stem so any bloom can float.  Like simple shrub roses and marigolds-


But I have to admit that in my opinion nothing can beat a red long stemmed rose.  And now that I have my new camera I can bore you to death with pictures of them.



Bored yet? I will try to restrain myself in the future and keep the pictures to myself.

And for those in my neck of the woods that are wondering how I have a rose in full bloom already, I will admit that I cheated….slightly.  You see when I cut the flower the plant was firmly planted along side our deck.   However, it was bought from the store yesterday and that is why it is blooming.  We lost one rose last year and this is it’s replacement.   With the insanely cold winter we had, I am pleasantly surprised that a single rose was the only plant we lost. 

But I will just pretend that it all had to do with my amazing gardening skills and not the fact that I actually killed the plant. 

10 comments on "Flower Power"
  1. I'm with you, I LOVE fresh cut flowers! Little vase in the bathroom, vase on my desk, in the kitchen... Makes me happy! Happy Spring!

  2. lol - I'm with you fresh flowers are perfect! I try and cut my roses every couple of days - I'm always dead heading! :)

  3. ps - no fair you have SO many great vases to choose from!

  4. Great pictures.

    I am a flower fanatics as well. I can't wait till my dahlias and butterfly bush start to bloom so I can stop buying flowers from the local farm market.

    And I have the vase collection like you in the cabinet above the microwave.

  5. Just remember that roses like FULL sun. The hotter it is, the better they like it! Did you know that they are used as "bellweather" plants in the vineyards out here? They get some of the same diseases as grapes. So they plant them at the ends of the rows in the vineyards and watch them for signs of disease.

  6. do not keep those pictures to yourself!!! i also have a spot in our kitchen cabinets for vases. fresh flowers are the best!

  7. I love garden flowers, too. I wish my roses were up, they aren't ready yet. Bummer.

  8. My favorite part of spring is the fresh flowers too. Right now we have lilacs and azaleas. I also have an entire cupboard of vases! lol

    Great pics! SO pretty!


  9. I can't wait to snip myself some hydrangeas!

  10. LOVE your floral arrangements! So simple but so pretty! And your home is AMAZING!!!