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Happy Birthday?? (and some ugly pictures)


Derek’s birthday just might be cursed.

Last year the dryer busted a couple of days before.  So he was the lucky recipient of a brand new washer and dryer.  Every man’s dream.

This year he was fortunate to get something even more expensive. 

Any guesses what glamorous item it was?





At least we got a cool new touch screen thermostat out of the deal (and some touch-up painting).


So yes we have a new furnace and AC.   And I bought Derek some of his favorite candy and wine (wrapped of course) in case that beauty in the yard was not thoughtful enough…

And for anyone who has had to decide on a new system when it was 102 or minus 10 outside you have my respect.  There were so many options and so many choices that I don’t know how we could have made a decision quickly.  I think we made the right decision both financially and comfortwise (at least according to our spreadsheets)…..but who knows.

So in that thread I wanted to share before pictures that don’t have an after.  And won’t anytime soon.  Unless maybe we find a winning lottery ticket.

Why?  Because I don’t want to just show all the pretty parts of our house on the blog and pretend like the others don’t exist.  And because the master bath was next on the to-do list until it got bumped by a non-working AC.  So to look on the bright side, it’s ugliness is going to be celebrated.  And I want to make you smile on Friday.

Because I know pink always makes me smile….


No? Or maybe some red to go with the pink and teal?


Or maybe some pink and blue vinyl and nasty carpet around the vanity, tub and shower?


If that did not do it, the Baskin-Robbins wallpaper that I shred occasionally for stress release could.  Obviously working out is not relieving stress since my motivational calendar is from last August..


I know…the the shiny brass and scalloped sinks can brighten your Friday…


We have talked about doing some minor things to make it a little better like replacing hardware, stripping wallpaper and getting a new window covering.  But we are planning a major overhaul involving moving the tub and shower so we worry that anything we do will just be throwing money away before the real remodel.  So it looks like the day we moved in….with some new wallpaper shredding. 

So did I make you smile….or maybe cringe?

7 comments on "Happy Birthday?? (and some ugly pictures)"
  1. Your 80s bathroom is almost as ugly as mine!

  2. lol! I jealous of yuor fancy touch screen, nice!!

    I love those pink blinds, what are you talking about! lol and they look great with the red :)

    I know yuor bathroom overhual is going to look GOOD!

  3. Smile!! Because my husband and I just got done remodeling both of our bathrooms. What a job. Had we stopped when we got the first one done we would have never gone back to do the guest bathroom. They both look great, but what a job!

  4. Just you'll live in a perfect climate controlled environment for the next oh...hopefully 15 years!! Those kinds of projects are no fun, but definitely necessary. And that very attractive bathroom wallpaper...I've got just the thing for you....I'll post later today.

  5. Definitely smile. And actually, I think if you could see the mostly-naked cherubs dancing around in the border of our guest bathroom, you'd be smiling right along with me. You know, in a cringing-that-looks-like-a-smile kind of way. Actually, maybe I should post some pictures...

  6. I can't wait to see what your after will look like for the bathroom. And I am do jeal that you got a spanking new heating/cooling system.

  7. Trust me... New cabinet hardware and a new light fixture over the sink does a lot! And Moen makes a framing system to go over an existing frameless mirror that adds a finishing tough for not much cash.