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Loving the Mint

Hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Fourth of July and you are enjoying your long holiday weekend.  We have been enjoying mojitos and making good use of mint plant.  This drink is worth adding a mint plant to your garden.  It is easy to grow, but it can be invasive so you may want to think about using a pot to contain it. 
My favorite mojito recipe involves about 12 fresh mint leaves, 1/2 a lime, a shot of rum, agave nectar, ice and club soda.  Agave nectar is my new secret ingredient in the drink.  The recipes I found use simple syrup or sugar for added sweetness.  But sugar in a cold drink is gritty and frankly I was always too lazy to make simple syrup even though it is easy.  Obviously I am very lazy.  We had bough agave nectar because supposedly it is better for you than sugar and we wanted to try it out.  It worked perfectly and it keeps a whole lot longer than simple syrup.  Glad I was able to solve this pressing problem.

Which is a good thing because we still have half a summer (and a mint plant) left.....

3 comments on "Loving the Mint"
  1. hmmm... I've never heard of it. Gotta try it. I've hardly made any mojitos this year. Gotta get on that.

  2. yummy! We never got around to a garden, hangs face in shame - but we have long Summers - so maybe there's still time!

  3. Mojitos sound yummy! You should also try mint tea. Instead of making it with tea bags, substitute in the mint leaves. You could even put it over ice for the summer. It is very refreshing!