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Going Back In


Last weekend I realized just how long it has been since we have done an “inside” project.  We had been so busy with outside stuff and Europe prep that the inside has been ignored as of late.

And since I always get some project inspiration with a little wine, some good music and Derek not home to talk me into being more practical and having a plan (hence how the kitchen reno started), the office is now getting a mini-makeover.  Nothing drastic but just a couple of little things that have been bugging me about the space lately.  I am still in the going to Homegoods, returning to Homegoods and buying more at Homegoods stage but I wanted to share a sneak peek at one of the projects that is actually done in the space.

We try to make the decor in our home as personal as possible without going overboard with pictures of the two of us cheesing it up for the camera.  Coming back from Italy, I have been resisting the urge to plaster photos of the trip all over the place, while still putting memorable items on display.  Not so easy.

I saw an idea of displaying travel maps over from Alissa over at 33 Shades of Green awhile ago and loved how it was personal but pretty at the same time.  So I made sure to save all the maps we used during the trip. 

After I had dumped everything off the bookshelves in the office on that Saturday night, I decided to add some frames to the top.  So I messed around with frames I had in various colors and sizes until I found an arrangement I liked.

They were on the smaller side, but I sort of liked just including special sections of the map instead of the entire thing. Also I wanted to change it up in terms of colors on the maps and how they were positioned with mats in the frame.

So I pulled out the maps we used for sightseeing and went to work measuring and cutting with this in mind.


Since I wanted the maps to “mean something” I got the location of our apartment and some major sights included the sections of Rome and Florence I cut out.  To change it up a little bit, I used a more zoomed out map for Siena… commemorate our memorable bus ride of course.   The maps are creased and written on (and probably quite sweaty) but that makes me like them even more.


IMG_2721And now every time I look in the corner now I can remember Italy and where exactly we stayed.  And the bus ride.  And of course the running joke of why I never carried the maps or navigated the entire trip.  Let’s just say my sense of direction was left back in the States.  If I was in charge of this task we would have ended up back in Germany. 


12 comments on "Going Back In"
  1. Such a cute idea... and beautifully executed! I'll be filing this one in my "to do" list...

  2. This is definitely a great idea, and I love the frames you chose.

  3. This is such a great idea. You have more style in your pinkie than I have.... everywhere. Would you please visit us in the QCA and HELP! Or, maybe I'll just hope you wear off on me in Minneapolis. =)

  4. Those turned out great! I love adding things around the house that tell a story.

  5. This is super clever and personal (and cheap!). I love it!!

  6. Such a great way to remember a lovely trip!! I love this idea, I'm so doing this, yep I love copying you!

  7. What a great idea! I like touches that are personal and evoke memories. Looks great!

  8. What a clever way of decorating with a very vivid memory! I'll have to remember that one!

  9. what a fun idea! I have to try this with our next trip. Our travel photos are taking over our house right now.

  10. So cute! What a wonderful way to remember your trip!

  11. Jenny - Your maps look awesome! Love how you used smaller frames and clustered them together.

    Thanks for the shout-out!