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Zesty Salsa


One of my garden resolutions this year was to have a better preservation plan so when we have piles of perishable produce (say that 5 times fast) that it would not go to waste.

So when the tomato plant started producing, I was ready with some salsa making activities.  Kim at Newly Woodwards almost convinced to start with pizza sauce with pictures of her canning yumminess, but since I also had tons of peppers, we decided salsa was the best bet.


I went to the library and checked out some great canning books.  I find my salsa recipe in this one.


Actually it had tons a great recipes (salsa and otherwise) and I picked out Zesty Salsa to start with.  No particular reason besides it sounded good and honestly it was the one that utilized the most of the types of pepper we had in the garden.

Here what went into it-

10 cups chopped cored peeled tomatoes

5 cups chopped seeded bell peppers

5 cups chopped onions

2 1/2 cups chopped seeded chili peppers (we used jalapeno)

1 1/4 cups cidar vinegar

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

Everything came from our garden except garlic, cidar vinegar, and cilantro that met an early end this year.

For the first round of salsa, the tomatoes were just beginning to ripen so I made a half batch which yielded 5 pint jars. IMG_2678

Well this picture shows 4 and a half but that was just because it was so good that we had to sample some.  Trust me there were five.

And being lazy I decided not to can them and just stick them in the freezer.  I had bought freezer safe glass jars and I figured that we could eat it by the time 6 months had passed.

Well  it was amazing, because three days later only two jars remained in the freezer.  But before you think we are total salsa pigs, let me tell you that I did give a jar to our neighbors.

Luckily we had a lot more tomatoes (and a random cantaloupe but ignore that part)….


And plenty more peppers so we made a second full batch this time.  And since Derek was helping the jalapeno has a bit more kick. 

So we now have 9 pint jars in the freezer and giant tupperware of yumminess in the fridge.  Hopefully that will last much longer this time, because the next round of tomatoes is destined for pizza sauce.  But just writing this post has me crazing some more and heading to the fridge so that might still be up in the air……


15 comments on "Zesty Salsa"
  1. Your tomatoes are gorgeous. I am insanely jealous - we've gotten one full size tomato off of the 12 tomato plants we have growing. I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing something wrong. (There are plenty of green ones just hanging out, though).

    The salsa looks smashing - we totally want to make salsa & pizza sauce when/if we get more tomates.

  2. The salsa looks DELICIOUS!! I'm going to have to try that one....if my tomatoes EVER ripen. It's just not a great tomato year around these parts. If I can make it with cherry tomatoes I'd be all set though!

  3. Oh yum! Now I really want some homemade salsa.

  4. Wowee! I count several dozen tomatoes on the counter! How many plants do you have? Our two plants have produced about 2 dozen ripe tomatoes so far, but not all at once so that i could make anything like salsa. We HAVE been enjoying them in just sliced or in salads, and today I made ham, mozzarella, basil and tomato paninis for lunch, and they were yummy. But certainly not a bumper crop like yours. Also, ours seems to have tough skins... though they are sweet and good inside. Any ideas why?

  5. Yum! I am wondering why we haven't made salsa with our tomatoes. It's time to give it a try!

  6. PS - I totally checked out this book at the library today. Zesty salsa, here I come.

  7. I am canning some salsa and the pizza sauce tonight! I'm going to freeze the pizza sauce, I think. How did the salsa freeze, did it taste ok?

  8. YUM-O!! That looks delicious.

  9. YUM!! your tomatoes are georgous! i'm making everything i can with the local ones before they are "out of season!"

  10. Kim- You are going to love that book....and put my canning skills to shame with what you make with it!

  11. Leah-
    It tasted great when I defrosted it! It may have had a little more liquid in it after it was unfrozen but it did not make a big difference. Just as yummy as the fresh stuff!

  12. Your salsa looks so delicious Jenny! I'm canning tomato sauce this weekend and I hope to make salsa for the first time too! So glad you posted this recipe.