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Take two people who have never met in real life and put them in a car together for 10 hours and then make them share a hotel room and three days together.  How do you think that will turn out?

Well some of my co-workers were worried but fortunately for me…..fabulous.


Kim at NewlyWoodwards emailed me last spring after she had won tickets to the Creative Connection in Minneapolis and wondered if I wanted join in the fun.  Sure, we had not met in real life but had emailed and commented frequently on each other’s blogs and thought we would get along great.  Right?  So after phone conversations to make sure each other were not 50 –year-old men we signed up for classes.

We took fun classes like quilting with Camille Roskelley….


Creative Connection 2010

Creative Connection 2010 

And felting with Betz White……

Creative Connection 2010

Creative Connection 2010

And met of tons of fun creative people…..

Did I mention that the Pioneer Woman was there?

Creative Connection 2010

Everyone was a little excited.  And in our excitement, Kim and I were one of the first in line for the luncheon (insert joke here).  So we got really great seats to hear her speak. 

In our beeline to the front, we somehow found ourselves at the famous person table.  So while the Pioneer Woman was speaking, this was our view.

Creative Connection 2010

Don’t worry we tried to played it cool.

And then Ree and I enjoyed wine together.  Note to self: slip off the nametag next time.


All the meals at the event were so well decorated and creative.  Amy Butler and Mary Jane Butters spoke at dinner and I would share those pics but the lighting was really tough and they are blurry.  AKA I have a lot to learn about photography.

At dinner this giant burlap bag of amazing goodies was at our chairs.  Paint, fabric, glue, modpodge, jewelry etc. provided Kim and I an hour of ohhing and ahhing at the hotel.


But our fun did not end at the event itself.  We also enjoyed a little shopping of course.

Kim scored some great finds for her new old house at an salvage/antique shop.



And then we went to a place that I had been dreaming about since I knew I was going to be in Minneapolis.  A place that most of you will not understand my excitement about because you do not live 8 hours away from one with their very limited online shopping.


We met up with some other fun bloggers (Cindy, Allison, Suzanne and Allison) and had a great time together on my maiden IKEA trip.  I think my text messages to my husband were anxiety provoking to him in terms of the bank account that night.

“this just might be the promised land”

“i am thinking about a road trip to denver/austin/chicago/minneapolis with a large car could be fun”

“now we are off to the mall of america”




I will save my purchases for another post, but let’s just say Kim’s car looked like this on our way back to Des Moines.


I am happy to report that Kim and I were still chatting away when we pulled up at my car 5 hours later.  We had an amazing time together and I can’t wait to meet up again.

Maybe denver/austin/chicago/minneapolis ?

17 comments on "The Creative Connection"
  1. haha - great comments on the Ikea access. I am in complete sympathy with you (since I probably frequent the same Costco warehouse....). You know what's worse than being a 3+ hour drive from the nearest Ikea? Having lived in an area with easy access to Ikea and then ...not. I used to work within *walking distance* to a store, so now I'm suffering serious withdrawal pangs. Maybe the bf and I can make the drive for next week's date night....

  2. GASP! Kim didn't mention all the shopping! lol. WOW! This looked like a blast.

  3. Looks like so much fun! The photo of you and PW looks like a magazine cover witht that background-you could do a little photo editing :)

    congrats on your first trip to IKEA, we are lucky to have one just about 45 minutes away and go so often that my kids love it! Can't wait to see what you got.

  4. sounds like a most perfect weekend!!!! ikea is one of the promised lands, for sure. it's just a block from my sister's house--i wonder if i visit her more because of that? ;)

  5. The classes you took look SUPER fun! I'm a little jealous! It was great to meet you at The Promised Land and good luck with your fabric. And I'm glad it all fit in Kim's car!

  6. Wow! Looks like so much fun! I can only imagine if there was a similar event for foodie bloggers and I got to meet all of my favorites.

    Congrats on your first trip to IKEA! I live less than an hour from the first IKEA in the US. I'm also fortunate enough to live within 2 hours of 4 IKEAs. That place is dangerous! I only go once or twice a year to save our bank account! So worth it, right?

  7. Sounds like a fun trip! What a great opportunity. I should have guessed where you were going because I had already read Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy's post.

    I'll be honest... I live 20 minutes from an Ikea, but find it hard to go in because I always see too many things I want and can't have. Our must purchase item every time we do go is a bag of frozen swedish meatballs - crazy, I know. Can't wait to see your purchases!

  8. I am so glad you girls had such a good time! I am totally jealous...especially of that IKEA trip. I've never been...

  9. Wow, a brush with PW fame and a trip to Ikea... Which was better? lol Now that I live 5.5 hours from my closest Ikea I understand everyone's pain. I really need to force my self to go to Phoenix. Ugh.

    Hey, Denver is not too far from Iowa.

  10. I love this post. All of it. Esp. that first picture of you and I. Gotta add it to my post tomorrow. I couldn't pare it all down so I am going to have several posts about our fab trip. ;)

    Had so much fun. Thanks again for not being a 50-year-old man. ;)

  11. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I love that you managed to squeeze in a trip to IKEA!! :)

  12. oh Jenny, what an AMAZING trip. I can not believe all of the people who were there! Glad you were finally able to make it to IKEA! I remember my first time - it was love at first sight.

  13. Ypu two looked so cute together and look like your were having so much fun!! Love reading your texts to yuor husband, lol :)

  14. sounds like an awesome weekend! That's so cool that a blog friend meetup turned out so well for you both.

  15. It was so great to meet you!! Gorgeous pic of you with Ree! I am putting you on my reader!!! Glad you made it back home safe:)

  16. GAH! I'm so jealous that you got to meet and hang out with Kim, and go to such a fun event! And, I want that tank top you were wearing with your goody bag on the bed! Pretty please?

  17. Love your blog!! I am a terrible blogger myself, but an avid reader of so many wonderful blogs. If you are at all interested, I would love to meet up at the Denver IKEA (once it's open for business) with you and anyone else that would be interested in joining us. I myself am an IKEA virgin and am dying for the Denver store to open!!! Can't wait to experience the mecca that is IKEA!