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Drapery Cutting-The Quick and Easy Way


I had a really good weekend.  My former college roommate, Katie,  flew in for a visit and we had a great time.  We shopped.  We enjoyed tapas, sangria, red wine and stayed up past our bedtime.  We got pedicures and cooked together.  And of course talked and talked.  Which made me really wish we were not hundreds of miles and a plane ride away from each other.

And took absolutely no pictures.  Even after I made a point to say “We need need to take tons of pictures this weekend because we got 0 last time”

Just picture us having an amazing time.

We also had numerous “wow we are getting old” moments.  Maybe it is because 30 is in the not too distant future.  Or maybe it is because we have both recently have moved from the city to the ‘burbs.  Or maybe it is the glaring differences in how we used to hang out and how we spend our time together now. 

But the point of this post is not to bore everyone with reminiscing.  I really do have a point.

As part of being “old” we spent some time making drapery panels for Katie’s new house.  We spent a half of day picking out the fabric and got five new lined panels banged out in just a couple of hours.

Which led Derek to ask why it has taken me months to finish our panels in the kitchen.


She picked out three great fabrics for each panel…..a deep gray, and orange stripe and an orange and gray pattern.   Of course again no pictures, but I made her swear to email me some as soon as they are hung in her house.

Katie is a beginning sewer and has just completed a couple of pillows.  So when I showed her my trick for incredibly fast fabric cutting she was amazed it went so fast. 

And so was Derek….because again those dang  kitchen panels.

This tip is not going to be anything new to experienced sewers out there, but i wanted to share it with everyone that is just starting to make an easy drapery panel on their own.  Because I wish I knew this with my first panels.

Quick and Easy way to Measure and Cut Drapery Panels

1. Find a square flooring surface in you house.  This could be a tile or wood floor.  Or even a carpet beginning/ending point in a wide doorway.  Or even a wall if you don’t have anything else.

2. Figure out how long you want you drapery panels to be and measure it out from your beginning edge.  Mark that spot with a piece of tape.  Scoot a little bit down and repeat to make sure you tape line is even.


3. Stretch out the fabric from your tape line to your original square line on the floor.  If you are on wood or tile, line up the fabric with a line in the floor to make sure you are straight.


4. Cut right along the edge that you know is square.


5. Repeat with the other panels.

And you should have them cut in just a couple of minutes and ready to sew.  Quick right?

Just ask Derek about the kitchen.

8 comments on "Drapery Cutting-The Quick and Easy Way"
  1. Oh Jenny...I think I'm in love with you. ;-) I have always just measured those darn panels and it takes so long that I STILL haven't made drapes for our den...six years after moving in. ;-) THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! Now I may actually start on them.

  2. Such a great idea! Now if only I really knew how to use my sewing machine...

  3. My next blog post (tomorrow) is on my dining room drapes I made. I like the fabric you choose. Two minds think alike. Cool post!

  4. You are a flippin' genius. This is totally why I don't make the panels, seems like too much measuring.

    Or is it because I'm lazy?

    Anyhoo, this will be handy. And I cannot wait for you to finish those curtains. (Apparantly, both Derek and I feel that way.)

  5. Is that your kitchen fabric? Or Katie's? Be sure to post pictures when the kitchen panels are up! Love the design!

  6. This is super clever! Thanks for the trick :).

  7. What a great idea! I love that fabric, its what you got from IKEA right?

  8. Good idea. Cutting is not bad, it's the sewing that I can't do!!! I just use iron on tape and call it a day.