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It all Started With Poker Night and a Little Wine


And ended up with another in progress project.

dining room ceiling fun

Let me back up.  You see the dining room ceiling has been bugging me for awhile. 

We started with this and I am sure that you can understand why it was the one of the first things to be painted.


I am not sure why I filled in the paint colors exactly how the previous owners did on the decorative aspect of the ceiling.  Obviously they were not expert interior designers.  At least not in this decade.  Early 90’s maybe.

But that is what I did, using one shade deeper on the color strip on the ceiling.


After living with it for awhile, I did not like how the crown molding was not prominent and there was too much white up there.  However, there were other projects to do and Mr. “We need to finish everything we are doing before we start something new” did not think it was a priority to change.

That is where poker night came in.

I has spent the entire day sewing drapery panels for the kitchen.  And they were not finished so I was feeling like starting something new and Derek was gone for a couple of hours.  See where this is going?

So with my trusty side kick of red wine, I emptied the dining room, taped the molding, halfway tarped the carpet (it already has major battle scars so I am impressed I tarped at all), and broke out the wall color to apply to the ceiling.

I told myself it would only take an hour and I am happy to report that I was correct.  I would just move all the furniture back in and he would not even notice.

Except I don’t know if I like it.  Ehhhh…

During the day it is OK….

dining room ceiling fun

dining room ceiling fun

But at night the darker ceiling looks really blue and the lighter color looks more gray/green.  And does not look like it matches at all.

dining room ceiling fun

dining room ceiling fun

You can tell he is really loving that I am iffy on my new project.  Especially since all the dining room furniture  is blocking the stairs and front door currently.  So much for being stealthy.

And I could leave it because it is OK.  But it was just OK the last time and it has brought us me back to repainting.  I see myself trying to eat my turkey at Thanksgiving but not enjoying myself because I can’t get over that the ceiling colors don’t match.

So my other options-

a) change the globes on the light fixture because I think it is their yellowness that is causing the issue.

b) change the color of the inset….like a metallic pearl or silver

c) Derek’s idea, paint the vertical part of the inset white so that the two colors are not next to each other and therefore do not look so different at night

d) ????

I am open for other ideas because I am officially stumped. 

And annoyed because I while I was painting I was already writing this post in my head.  Except it had a better ending.  Like- I love it! It did not cost a cent!  Derek was so surprised that I totally completed a project in a couple of hours.  Go forth and paint your ceilings because it is so much fun!

Oh well.

15 comments on "It all Started With Poker Night and a Little Wine"
  1. I think Derik's idea could work! But so could yours. I would start with white paint. You can always paint it back if you don't like it.

  2. I think I agree with the hubs! If you paint the vertical part white, it would break up the colors, so they wouldn't compete anymore! I love the tray ceilings... JEALOUS. :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I think it makes the wall color pop and the crown moldings stand out. I read somewhere that ceiling paint will always be a little darker because of the light but I haven't seen that to be true everywhere (I painted both of our bathroom ceilings and it doesn't look darker). If you leave it as is, it still looks amazing, but if you paint the vertical part white, that would look great too. Either way your dining room looks fabulous! Nice job!

  4. have you tried the Reveal light bulbs? I swear those make a HUGE difference in paint color....


  5. what a bummer! Too funny about you composing the post in your head.

    I think Derek's idea could definitely work, though.

  6. I have a Mr. "you need to finish before you start something new" boyfriend. He really cramps my crafting style!

  7. I really like daytime shot of the after and think it is a definite improvement over the white ceiling. Have you tried moving everything back in the room to see how you like it?

    You could always try Derek's idea just to see. Whatever you try, just post photos so we can see it. I am curious to see how it comes out!

  8. Personally I think it is stunning. But, if you don't.. lol .. then I think that Derek's idea of the white paint is a good starting point. I would also change the light bulbs to a true color light and then see if the shades need a replacement. Good Luck.

  9. It's better for sure. I definitely think you need to ditch those globes - they even look yellow when unlit! Try that first, I reckon.

  10. I love Derek's face in that last photo.

    I'm glad you did this, mostly because I'm considering how to make our crown moulding in the dining room stand out and I'm stumped. So, really it's just selfish. =)

    I think you should paint the vertical part white, as per Derek's suggestion. I think that would make everything pop. I was actually thinking that in the initial.

    I wish I lived nearby, because I would have been ALL OVER red wine and painting a tray ceiling. Seriously.

    With all that said, I completely support any of your decisions and will say that's what I always thought you should do. I'll be on your side. haha... ;)

  11. wow that is so much more dramatic. I envy that gorgeous crown moulding detail btw - really wonderful.

  12. Two suggestions... one of which is yours. I had a friend who painted her dining room ceiling metallic silver or pewter, and it was gorgeous! If I had tray ceilings, I would definitely do it, but mine is vaulted and connected to the great room, so that is out. Also, try a different type of light bulb. They make so many now. See if you can find one that is more blue than yellow.

  13. What a gorgeous ceiling - I'm a little jealous! :)
    Before I saw your after pic, I thought you were going to paint the whole ceiling the darker colour, so that's my suggestion. Then the two colours would be separated by the crown moulding, and the ceiling would be dramatic but not look too 'busy'.

  14. Okay, here's the deal. Even thought the pain color is the same, it looks different because the quality of the light. By changing the fixture, shade and bulbs, you have effectively changed the lighting source, but it still won't make the color appear the same. Light that hits the wall just looks different on the ceiling. I'd do a complementary color or a different color on the same paint chip. We have tray ceilings in our house, and it worked great. Otherwise, it looks great. Love your style and love the blog.

  15. I've never purchased anything from Overstock- guess what I'll be checking out later? I love the light fixture, it's so "bling" without being too much!