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Last week at the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild we had a holiday swap.

And it was super fun as this is the first swap I have participated.  Because of the unfortunate potholder incident.

The “rules” were that we could make anything for any holiday and we were going to do it in November because most guild members are going to be super busy in December with all sorts of handmade gifts.

I should be one of them.  And I should have also been super busy in September and October as well with this task.  But the procrastinator in me is going strong and I have not started one Christmas gift yet.  So much for getting any sleep the week before Christmas again.

Oh well.

Anyway for the swap I used some left over Figgy Pudding jelly roll to make a fun Christmas accent pillow.


It came together super quick (even for me) and I just used four blocks of disappearing nine patch.  It is a fun and easy pattern that a simple google search will lead you to many tutorials for.  And this time I was not even ripping seams 5 minutes before I had to leave for the meeting.  Stupid potholders.


But the most fun part of the swap by far….


My new Liberty of London scarf!  Somehow even being the last to choose in my group, I scored the swap item that the president, Jacquie, made.  It is gorgeous and so soft.


And backed with a great autumny orange shot cotton.  Of course I wore it to work the very next day and got tons of compliments. 

As if the scarf was not enough, I also received two fat quarters of Kate Spain’s 12 Days of Christmas.  Which is perfect as I had just ordered fabric from that line for my very own Christmas quilt that I am going to get to as soon as all the drapes and Christmas gifts are complete.

Christmas is still months away….right?

10 comments on "Swapping"
  1. I cannot believe you nabbed that scarf! When we were sharing what we scored and you showed that off, my brain literally stopped and I thought.... "wait... we went in age order and she's the youngest....everyone else passed up that gift?!" Seriously. That's what I was thinking as you were modeling it!

    It's awesome and looks SUPER perfect on you, so the fact that you got compliments at work is no surprise.

    And, yes. Christmas is still MONTHS away. Ignore Star 102. :)

  2. LUCKY! That scarf is a great idea though, right. It would be an easy gift to make. Just add that to your week before Christmas to do list. :)

  3. Aww...the pillow you made is adorable! And the scarf you scored is very pretty! I can see it with a jean jacket!

  4. Your pillow came out beautifully. And lucky you with that scarf!

  5. I honestly loled at "stupid potholders." I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scarf. So pretty. I want one. And I can't wait to see the quilt you put together...a fter you finish everything else. Don't start it until then. Maybe we should clear a weekend in January, meet in Des Moines and quilt our Christmas quilts the ENTIRE weekend.

    Actually, that sounds pretty fun.

    PS - Love the pillow you made. Those fabrics are my fave. I may have a bucket full of them, too. ;)

  6. Love that Christmas pillow and the scarf is great. You still have plenty of time until Christmas!!

  7. Love that pillow! So cute! and the scarf is pretty great too!!!!

  8. Your pillow is so cute Jenny. And lucky you to get the scarf!

  9. Your figgy pudding pillow inspired me to make something with my figgy pudding. So I pulled out the charm packs and make some quilted pillows. By no means as great as yours, but I'm happy with them.