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One of the most common emails I get is asking where we found the tile for our kitchen backsplash.  And I always had to answer that it was at a local tile close out store and I had no idea where anyone else could find it.


Until now….


We just happened to be at the same tile store last weekend (because you know that is what we like to do with our free time) and I was lusting over all the gorgeous and cheap glass tile.  And trying to justify buying some for the basement even though we have no idea what we are planning or how much we need.  Reason won out and we left empty handed, but I did spy our kitchen tile that I have not seen in two years.

So if you are in the Kansas city area you can head to the Tile and Stone Warehouse and score it for 6.99 a square foot.  (if it is still there…..things move quickly there.)

But the good news is for everyone else it is also online. 

Of course it is a lot more expensive, but I finally found a source.


Yeah!  So please tell me we are not the only ones that like to browse tile stores for inspiration and fun?  Anyone?

12 comments on "Eureka!"
  1. Yes - tile stores are the best! At work when I need a break or inspiration, I browse through our tile samples or catalogs. Always gets the creative juices flowing!

  2. Huh, I can't say I browse tile sites for fun...but I'm sure lots of tile lovers are glad you did!

  3. Thanks for posting! I will definitely have to remember that KC has that store for when we redo our kitchen and bath - those savings are worth the two hour trip!

  4. *Sigh*

    You have the best kitchen.

    I don't browse tile, but it's because I have a tendency to get overwhelmed. This is why I don't go to fabric stores either. ;)

  5. Wow....your kitchen is amazing! Love it all!!!!

  6. We're guilty! We've picked out tile for a bathroom remodel, but we don't even have a start date. We went on a weekday because it is always a zoo there (Arizona Tile) on the weekends. Oh well, looking is free...

  7. I know the owner of One Granite Place. They are an online store, but based in Overland Park. If you ever need a hook up on tile or granite let me know.

  8. It is beautiful tile. I got our tile for our basement at a tile store clearance. It's beautiful, glass tile! I love it! Nothin better than a bargain.
    Lila Ferraro

  9. Missing new posts!! Hope all is ok!

  10. Oh beautiful! I loved meandering through our tile store when we were redoing the kitchen and bathroom. So many gorgeous ideas!!

  11. ooh i'm glad you posted the link! we are getting ready to purchase our first home and i'd love to find some fun tile for our kitchen. i'll have to check out the link and see what they've got. :)