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Quilt Guild Changed My Life


Well the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild did at least.  My friend, and fellow officer, Lauren,coined this phrase and I am stealing it.  Or borrowing it I should say.

Let me back up a minute….

A little over a year ago, I was complete quilting newbie.  I loved reading modern quilting blogs and thinking of all the cute baby quilts I could make for my friends.  I had taught myself to sew and had made a total of two small quilts.  Which I was very proud of but I knew I still had no idea what I was doing.  And I had actually given those quilts to people so hopefully they did not know what good quilts were supposed to look like.  So I continued to stalk blogs and admire all the pretty pictures.  And dream of what I could make someday…..

Then one day one of my favorite blogs (Jacquie)  posted that they were having the very first modern quilt guild meeting that next week in Kansas City and invited every one in the area interested to the meeting.

I admit, I almost did not email her.  Have I mentioned that I had made a total of two quilts?  And I had no idea what I was doing?  And I would know absolutely no one there except through some lite blog stalking? 

But I did email her (proclaiming my newbieness of course) and stepped out from behind the computer and I went…..which was exactly one year ago.


And it was awesome.  That day I met 34 awesome women and was so inspired.  And I was not even the only newbie there.  And some of them had even read this little blog.

Over the past year the small first meeting grew into 96 members and the amazingness has not stopped.  They welcomed newbie me onto the officer’s panel as the secretary and the fun has not let up.  With these girls even writing by-laws had it’s perks.


I have learned so much.  More than a book, blog, or class could ever teach because at each monthly meeting there is so much knowledge sitting in that room being shared with each other.  (In case you were wondering I just learn things, I don’t think I have shared anything valuable yet).  And the inspiration…..I leave every meeting  ready to run upstairs and start sewing.  Without the guild I know my quilting would have hit a stand still by now.  But instead it is still going strong.  Just ask the four unfinished ones sitting in the craft room currently.  Or my new fabric buying addiction.

And finally the people.  This is the best part.  Because they are real and not just behind the computer.  We are a community.  I have made great friends that share similar interests and are tons of fun, all because of the guild.  And my new sewing machine is all a result of the guild.   Let’s not forget that.

My fellow officers have worked so hard to make this year and this guild a great big success and I can’t thank them enough for letting me be part of it.  And forgiving my newbie blank looks.  Check out what Jacquie, Shea, Jaime, and Lauren had to say about the guild…..and to look at all their beautiful quilts.

So Happy One Year Anniversary to the Kansas City Modern Quilting Guild….I hope you liked your love letter from me.  I am so excited to see what the next year has in store. and I am so happy that I will be a part of it!

3 comments on "Quilt Guild Changed My Life"
  1. I can't even imagine how inspiring it must be to have a great group of crafty women to learn and work with. Looks like a blast. :)

  2. That's so cool. You are so talented. I love your quilt in the pic above. Have you shared that?

    Your quilts totally inspire me. Quilting takes me so long, I can't imagine how you get so much done.

  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun! How great to find a nice group to inspire your sewing. I really wish I had a modern quilt guild nearby - heck maybe I do and don't know it! All of the quilts in the photo make me want to sew something right now.

    Also, I am passing along the Stylish Blogger award I received to you. No pressure at all to continue it. I am posting it later today.