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Honey oak has officially been eradicated from another room.  The future nursery is oak free which feels nice. Now it only lives in some random closets that I have been too lazy to paint and the window in our second story entry that I cannot reach.  But I am just going to pretend that it is gone.



And current state:nursery progress

The construction is pretty much done and now we are getting closer to the fun part….decorating!

Some furniture has made its way in.  I am in love with our glider and all it’s orangeness.  Our color scheme is going to be aqua and orange.  Silly me assumed that orange baby stuff would not be difficult to find.  I was wrong, But nothing a little special ordering at a local furniture store could not fix.

nursery progress

And we set-up the crib in the midst of the construction.  As parenting newbies we did not realize that it was too large to fit through a doorway once it was assembled. So we had to cover it with a dropcloth and paint around it.  Live and learn.

nursery progress

The closet got a little orange treatment as well.

nursery progress

Is is bright?  Yes….but I promise not as neon as the picture makes it appear.  My new shopping weakness is also on display.  Who can resist buying cute baby things?

Now to the things I am stuck on and need some opinions.  The light fixture.

Because the sexy light bulb hanging from the wire is not permanent.  Very child friendly.

nursery progress

Option 1: a cute orange drum shade

land of nod

Pros: it is cute and orange and modern and not that expensive

Option 2: a ceiling fan


Pros:  It is practical for a warm room and babies seemed to be mesmerized by them (or so I have heard)

So what do you think?  Practicality or orangeness??  I am torn. 

While you are mulling that one over, I have another one for you.

The original plan was to refinish both of these dressers and use the long low one for a changing table.  Hence the changing table pad.  (ignore the baby unfriendly tool paraphernalia)

nursery progress

But after we got all the furniture in there and determined that this was the only configuration that would work, I got worried that the long dresser was…well too long.  And that the corner had too much “dresser” going on.

Not a lot of room in between the dresser and the glider for baby essentials such as a diaper pail, hamper, and ottoman.  I was also thinking a side table was necessary to set things while I am feeding baby.  Could get a little crowded.

nursery progress

Another option? 

A changing table that can be converted to bookshelves when baby is older a la

free furniture plans simple changing table 3

It is shorter than the dresser allowing more space for other stuff and it breaks up the whole 2 dresser corner thing. 

So what’s your vote….dresser or changing table?  And fan or drum shade? 

And then we can move onto more fun things….fabric!

30 comments on "Decisions"
  1. Orange drum! Screw practicality. And in all seriousness, we run a regular fan in Tommy's room for white noise that an overhead fan doesn't provide, so I've never missed not having an overhead fan. Love the color scheme and glider! So great. I think with a big closet, you probably only need one dresser - but I love the practicality of the long dresser as the changing table.

  2. Oh my goodness sake...that built in is DI.VINE. Wowser. And the soothing. Now here are my two cents worth....go for the fan girlfriend. I had two babies who would fall asleep watching the fan on slow speed. Swears. In the winter we would actually have to remember to get back up and shut it off after the little guys were snoozing....don't want baby popsicles in there! Also, I would go for the changing table over the dresser...I agree it seems a little crowded with dresser. It looks like you have a nice one dresser should suffice. Gorgeously gorgeous room Jenny...can't wait to see your fabrics.

  3. I have never used our ceiling fan in the nursery, so I would go for the orange.

    I agree that is a lot of dresser,so I would go for the changing table that could be converted to a bookcase. You have a good size closet for stuff,and a bookcase is always nice to have in a kiddy room.

    Great chair!

  4. Oh, Jenny! The room is absolutely beautiful. I love that aqua, and I adore orange. Where on earth did you get that chair? We're just starting our baby furniture shopping and a good chair is at the top of my list. (And what kind of crib did you get? That's this week's dilemma.)

    I vote for the fan. It's Kansas City, it's hot, and you'll be grateful for it when you're holding a hot little dude in the middle of summer.

    I'm generally anti-changing table, but I love that you can convert that one to a bookshelf. I may have to vote for that, but you can't go wrong with extra storage, either...

  5. Sigh. What a beautiful room! If that is a Best Chair brand chair, you will be one happy mom. We had one in the kids' nurseries and it quickly became my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.

    Fan. Totally go for the fan. You won't regret it.

    Here's my vote on the furniture, based on our expierence.... keep the long dresser, but lose the tall dresser. We have had dressers as changing tables and have been soooo thankful for the extra table top space on the sides of the changing pad. Here's my suggestion: could you flip flop the location of some of the furniture and put the dresser where the crib is, and have the crib and chair along the wall where the long dresser was? If the chair moved to the other side of its current wall, could you have some space (vacated by the tall dresser) for a small table next to the chair? (You're right... you'll want one.)

    Or, just ignore everything I said and go with what you think. :)

    Soooo excited to see that little room coming together!

  6. I say go for the fan. You can always paint the blades orange. And sorry I don't know about the dresser conundrum. But the room looks beautiful!

  7. It looks great so far! I vote for fan, especially if the room is warm. It's practical! You can always ad color from the ceiling with something above the crib. I like the changing table, but I personally wouldn't want to give up all of those great drawers and that extra counter space for all of the stuff you need right at your finger tips! I love it so far though!!

  8. I'm torn on the fan vs. drum shade. Personally, we LOVE our drum shade and especially love that the light is on a makes such a difference. We haven't missed having an overhead fan, but we live in Maine, and it's been winter... Like Emily, we run a fan in the corner for white noise anyway.

    That being said, I get hot and sweaty when holding, swaying, feeding the baby in the dead of winter, so a fan might be necessary for your summer baby...

    You are right on about needing a table close to your will absolutely need a place to set things down.

    With that big closet, I might suggest foregoing the large dresser and just using the short long dresser (and use it as a changing table). But, would it fit along the wall by the door?

    I remember totally underestimating the size of things when planning our can cribs actually be so big? So, I know it's tough to figure out the final arrangement. Good luck! The room looks amazing so far!

  9. The nursery is coming together so well! I love the orange light too! Though, a fan would be nice for those "special" diaper moments. :)

  10. I vote for the fan. My boys LOVE watching it spin and the air movement is said to help prevent SIDS. We use a white-noise machine which really helps with their sleeping. I'd go with the changing table over the dresser (Ana-White's awesome isn't she?) mostly because of space concerns. Personally we use a long dresser and it works out great, but I've only got one dresser in their room. The changing table you showed will work now for holding books and small toys in addition to diaper changing gear. Good luck!

  11. We're about to embark on some major home makeovers, and I love the paint color. Where's it from and what's the color? The organge chair is pretty great too!

  12. Though I really like the ceiling fan, my vote is for the orange drum light. As far as the dresser dilemia, is it possible to put the tall dresser in the closet and then use the long dresser as the changing table.

  13. Oh my, this room is gorgeous! The built-ins, the colors, the closet, the lovely chair, and especially the super-safe and trendy hanging lightbulb :D But really, I love it! Great job!

  14. kristin- That glider is a Best chair (Shea has a great eye) and we got it at Nebraska Furniture Mart. USA baby also carries them and I think they had more choices. The crib is from the very exclusive baby boutique of Target:).

    Matt- It is Sherwin Williams Tame Teal. Glad you like it!

  15. Totally go for the orange drum and don't look back! As for the change table situation, my first reaction was to keep the dressers. If you'll be bfing though, you will def need some sort of table to lay things down (glass of water, book, tissues). I always found that despite my best intentions, I always ended up changing my guys on the couch and bfing in the living room, throwing all my careful plans out the window.

  16. Go with the fan! Not only will it mesmerize your baby, circulating air (by either a ceiling fan or a table-top fan) has been proven to lower the risk of SIDS. I bet you could find a cool, orange mod-looking fan.

    Here's my two cents on the dresser situation. I wouldn't go with the changing table pictured. You will set up the shelves all cute and nice before baby arrives, and afterward, they will become a big, hot mess and you will be too tired/preoccupied to fix them up ever again. Drawers are WONDERFUL. They hide piles of diapers, tubes of rash cream, wipes, and various other sundries so that you don't have to keep it nice and neat all the time. If you don't like both dressers, I'd nix the tall one.

    Also, I'd move the chair to the corner that the long dresser is in. Even with curtains, that big window will let a lot of light in and provide lots of distraction for the baby when you're trying to get him/her to sleep. You can put a nightlight right beside it so you can see juuuuuust enough to feed the baby, but not wake him/her up and a floor lamp behind it for book reading.

  17. My vote would be orange drum... fans are over-rated, get a mobile! Unless, of course, your house is crazy hot and you actually need fans in all rooms. Then I would get a cheap one and spray paint the blades.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about a diaper storer - they end up getting stinker than your kitchen garbage. I have a small can in the bedroom for pee-pee diapers, poop goes in the kitchen, and if it's really bad, I go through all the garbage cans to fill it and take it out.

    As for setting something down, use a tv tray. You can fold it up and stash it when you want the room to look nice, and it won't take up much room. Or, scootch thechair over a bit and use the bench. If you pad it, use a tray to make sure it's not tippy.

  18. I like the orange light too. You can always get a smaller, less permanent fan. That corner does have a lot of dresser going on, so if you think you can pull off the changing table/shelf thing I say go for it!

  19. I like the orange drum. But I have no clue whether that'll be good for baby or not... I just think it's prettier. :)

    And, I like the suggestion of just keeping one dresser as changing table, since it looks like you have a big closet. If you have to keep the tall dresser, then I think building the shelfy changing table is the way to go.

  20. I like the ceiling fan - the little noise that it makes could help for sound sleeping. :) Also - I would move the tall dresser into your closet, if you can, to save on space.

  21. Ok I love the orange drum shade, but I was told after our third child was born that studies have shown that air movement can reduce the chance of SIDS. I am not a fanatic about stuff like this, but for ease of mind I would do drum shade with a table top fan. That way you can take it out whenever you want.

  22. Paint the fan orange, problem solved.

    A table next to the chair is a must; I never used a changing table for either of my kids, I laid a pad down on the floor or in the crib or on my bed or wherever we were - just a basic nylon wipe-able pad. The less stuff to clean/organise the better with a new baby.

    Also about orange baby stuff - there are all kinds of free patterns for crib sheets etc; make your own!

  23. I vote for orange drum....looks great and don't think you will use the fan with a baby. I also like the dresser/changing table. You will want the enclosed storage I think. It all looks beautiful!

  24. The colors are pretty together!! :) Ok orange drum YES!!!!

    I do like the dresser -- but just keep one (the changing table one) and move the other one in the closet if it will fit or some where else.

  25. Love the orange and aqua! Very mid-century! I can remember orange and aqua chairs in my doctor's office when I was a kid in the 50's.
    I vote for practicality in this case...the changing table and the fan. Love that the changing table converts to a bookcase, and a fan will be good forever... even when Baby J is old enough to throw/shoot/launch something at that big orange target!

  26. Looks great!

    I vote fan and changing table.

    Did you paint the shelf and bar in the closet white?

  27. I think Krista's comment sums it up perfectly. I'd go with the fan, I'm sure it would be lovely to have during the summer and it's pretty cool looking, too!

    BTW - my bedroom could be your nursery's twin with the pale aqua and orange! I love that glider, it's awesome.

  28. I used an antique dresser as a changing table and loved it! Everything was contained, I could hold babies while grabbing clothes and I had a tiny book shelf next to the dresser for diapers and a couple of toys to distract said babies. The bookshelf turned into a nightstand and the dresser is still being used 15 years later. Had to suck it up and install ceiling fans because we don't have AC, don't really need it is CO. Good luck, love the colors!

  29. I have no expertise in this area, but I would go for the orange drum and the dresser changing table.

  30. I'm a little behind on commenting on this post, but one idea for your space issue would be for the time being to put the tall dresser in the closet. You may have already decided since this is a month old, but I thought I'd at least put that out there. :) Your nursery is very fun!