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Zig Zags


Another quilt is actually going to stay at our house.  Bringing the grand total to two. Both of which are residing in Carter’s nursery.  I wonder who is the current favorite at our house…


I could pretend that this quilt was finished in the month since he joined us.  But that would be a lie as it has been sitting in the nursery and I just had not had time to snap pictures or blog about it.  Carter is a great baby who is sleeping wonderfully and is not fussy, but honestly “showering” and “take a nap” have been added to the daily to-do list so I feel just a little bit productive.  Quilting (and blogging obviously) have been neglected.IMG_4681

This quilt was my version of the Robert Kaufman No prints Allowed Challenge at the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild.  We were given a charm pack of solids in a specific colorway and challenged to make a quilt using every single color in the charm pack as well as any other solids we chose.  I chose the bright colorway as I already had a place in the nursery in mind for the quilt.  And as I had already made a quilt using this charm pack and wanted to switch up the design to something more complicated.

There were so many creative ideas that people came up with…well in March when the challenge was due.  And I had the quilt top completed then and shared it with everyone.  I swear as there is even photographic evidence that will not be posted here.  I thought I looked cute and obviously pregnant when I got dressed that night…but really I just looked like I had been enjoying too many quarter pounders.

Back to the quilt-I decided to do opposing zigzags with my charm pack with a white background.   I strategically put the blue/green and orange zigzags on one side, so folded on the chair in the nursery they would appear to match the color scheme.


For the quilting, I did zigzags that mimicked the colored sections and moved further and further apart as they moved away from the center of the quilt.


My lines aren’t perfectly straight and I got really sick of repositioning my walking foot each time I had to change my angle, but I am happy with how it came out.


The back is simple and cuddly orange flannel.

I love how it looks on the rocker and it already has gotten a lot of use at night when I am feeding the baby boy and freezing.

completed nursery

Of course my favorite pictures of the quilt are these-



Anything is more fun with a baby on it…well at least I think so.

22 comments on "Zig Zags"
  1. Agh, it's so cute! And so is Mr. Carter. We have entered the fussy stage this week - mama totally needs a stiff drink.

  2. Очень красивое одеяло!!!!
    Ребенок прекрасный!
    Вы хорошая мама и рукодельница!!!!

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  4. Really enjoy your blog. Congratulations on the birth of Carter! Hope you're all doing well. He is just gorgeous! And the quilt is great too. Treasure these "baby days"!

  5. That quilt is beautiful! It's all the better with an adorable baby on top :)

  6. Oh, I adore this quilt! So pretty! And Carter is so cute!

  7. Woah- that quilt is impressive! And so is Carter! I get impatient with the actually quilting step. It is so time consuming and at that point I'm so close to being done....

  8. I LOVE your baby nursery. So sweet. My baby boy is due in Dec, so having fun starting to decorate mine. :)

    I got a pouf in that same elephant fabric as your curtains. So cute!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  9. Jenny - you are AMAZING> I adore every quilt you make and this one is fabulous. You are truly my hero. And he is getting so darn big! What a cutie!

  10. I'm a new follower on your blog! Your quilts are just beautiful! You are very talented! That is a true labor of love. Congratulations on your baby boy and what a little cutie he is. His nursery is darling, too!

  11. Your quilt is gorgeous!!! Well done! A fabric retailer sent this link to me to share the pillow resting on your chair, which is from one of my organic collections. But I'm having much more looking at your before & afters!!! Really nice work! Have a great day.

  12. Adorable!! He is such a a cutie! Love the quilt too!

  13. The quilt is gorgeous! Contemporary art in a traditional craft form... love it! And Carter is really filling out fast! He must be chowing down now!

  14. Ahh what a darling quilt for your lovely baby boy!!!

  15. The quilt turned out great. I love the bright colors and the quilting. Flannel makes a great backing for baby quilts.

  16. Nice quilt! I love how the pattern is masculine enough, even though there is pink in it. I had a baby boy about the same time you did and am always trying to find prints & patterns that are not too girly.

  17. he's just perfect! adorable lil guy!!!

  18. I LOVE this blanket and I'm wishing I could sew. Maybe I will just have to find someone who will sew this blanket for my baby-on-the-way :)

  19. Where did you get the chair???

  20. Where did you get that chair??

  21. Love the quilt and absolutely love that room! It's beautiful.