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Burp Cloth Tutorial (Field-Tested)


When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was start buying fabric for burp clothes.  Easy and cute and I finally had an excuse to buy some kids fabric besides giving it away to other people. There are precisely 23894 tutorials on the blogosphere for how to make them and I did the whole sewing fabric on a diaper method (don’t worry, I go into greater detail in the actual tutorial).

burp cloth tutorialburp cloth tutorial

They did look prettier before they were washed a million times.

burp cloth tutorial

I made over 20 like this and thought I was golden.  Because we were not going to have an urper anyway so they would just sit pretty in their box.

And then Carter made his arrival.  And he had reflux. IMG_7440

Which meant that burp clothes became a constant fashion accessory.  And that you did not get nice clothes on for work until you were literally walking out the door in case he erupted. 

You should be thanking me for not sharing a picture of him actually spitting up.  Because we have them.

Anyway with all the urping going on, the diaper burp clothes I made were showing their weaknesses.  Namely that they are too wide for shoulders and were constantly falling off. Leaving your shoulder in a vulnerable position.  Not to mention your back.

My friend Lauren made us some thinner ones which worked so much better (and matched his nursery too- bonus!).


So taking her thin design and adding some flannel for some extra “stickiness” I have now perfected the burp cloth.  At least think so.  Now if I just find the time make some more of them…

Ready for the How-To?


Printed Cotton Fabric (approximately 9x18- a fat quarter works well)

Flannel Fabric (double the size of the printed fabric)

Scissors or Rotary Cutter

Sewing Machine


How To:

1. Cut your fabric larger than the size you are thinking of making your burp cloth and pre-wash it to get the shrinking thing out of the way.

2. Cut your now shrunk printed fabric in a 9 in x 18 in rectangle.  This size can be varied, I cut the three burp clothes I made at slightly different widths depending on how much fabric I had.  This is not an exact science.burp cloth tutorial

3. Cut two flannel squares the exact same size you cut the printed fabric.

4. Line up your three squares right on top of each other with right sides together. (In the picture the three pieces are fanned out slightly so that you can see the order…when you sew make sure they are right on top of each other).burp cloth tutorial

5. Sew around the 4 edges, and stop before you reach where you started, leaving a three inch opening to flip it out.  I used a quarter inch seam.

burp cloth tutorial

6. Cut your corners of the sewn fabrics.  Be careful not to cut the seam. Press open the seams.

burp cloth tutorialburp cloth tutorial

7. Stick your hand in the opening and pull it right side out.  The second piece of flannel stays in the middle for extra urping absorbency.  Make sure to spend some time poking out the corners.burp cloth tutorial

8. Press well so it lays flat.  Make sure to press the flaps where the opening is in so that it matches the rest of the seams.burp cloth tutorial

9.  Edge stitch around the all 4 edges to finish it off and to complete the area with the opening.

burp cloth tutorial

10.  And you are done!  Super fast and easy.

burp cloth tutorial

One side is cute, the other side is sticky and the extra piece of flannel will help absorb the urping.  Not to mention it is skinny enough not to be sliding off your shoulder.

burp cloth tutorial

Tie it up with a bow and it also makes the perfect shower gift.

burp cloth tutorial

Happy Urping!

14 comments on "Burp Cloth Tutorial (Field-Tested)"
  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! This was on my list for the next few weeks for a shower gift. I did just order terry cloth though from another tutorial, maybe I'll just send it back and get flannel instead. Thanks!

  2. It looks like someone's been working on more Carter pants...and look at that little dude sitting up! What a big boy!

  3. This is a very cute idea! We used the wide cloth diapers and I agree, they were too wide. I usually folded them into thirds before putting them on my shoulder! This looks like the perfect width!!

    Don't worry, even though you think the spit up will never end, it eventually does! It only seems like it is going to last forever!!

  4. Oh no! I just made a dozen of the cloth diaper type of friends. Haven't seen a photo of C. in awhile- so big and cute! Love the hair. I've been seeing that graffia toy on so many registries.

  5. cute!

    i may need to make some of these...

  6. You have been tagged! It's your turn to answer the 11 randoms that have been circling the blog world. :)


  7. Great! Thank you for sharing this. I may very well have to make these. :)

  8. Your fabric is adorable! Where do you get it?

  9. Sorry to hear about your lil guy's reflux. :( The burp clothes are super cute! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

  10. Thanks for sharing, my sister-in-law is preggers right now and I have been trying to think of some things I can make for her, these will be perfect!

  11. Anonymous-

    Glad you like it....I got it from a local fabric shop.

  12. These are amazing! They are so cute! My high school best friend is having a baby, so I better start making some for her. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Just started making these - thanks for the really easy tutorial. I grabbed some fabric from the remnant bin and it made the project so inexpensive! I even jazzed mine up with some patterned flannel :) Thanks!

  14. thank you for this pattern. I will get to use it for my 1st great grandson.