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Quick Change Trousers


If you have ever shopped for baby clothes, you know that girls win it hands down in the cute category.  You have tutus and dresses and tights and lace and…then I have to remove myself to the boys section before he ends up in a skirt.  But whipping up a couple of pairs of Anna Maria Horner’s Quick Change Trousers from her Handmade Beginnings book helped.IMG_6431

Because every boy needs dinosaur pants.


These were my first pair and I just used some cheap fabric from Joann’s in case I messed them up.  Well other than the scrap on the butt.  If you have an eagle eye you can see that Carter’s butt matches his quilt.  I so meant to do that.


They are also reversible so if he is having a more stripe kind of day, no problem.


They are also helpful for discovering your feet.


And set off a plain white onesie quite nicely.  Because let’s me honest, if you are wearing dinosaur pants you need something pretty neutral on the top half.

Carter loved his pants so much I made some more.  Every baby also needs Christmas pants.



Well I actually made three.  Not that Carter needed three pairs to properly celebrate the holiday, but his two baby pals needed some as well. 


Carter decided the sock monkeys set off his Christmas drool bib and candy cane socks nicely for lounging around the house on Christmas Eve.  His dad thinks I am channeling MC Hammer, but nothing says “festive” like monkeys in santa hats.


And they are super comfortable for bib eating…IMG_6603

As well as present opening wrapping paper eating.

And I have already bought some fabric to make some more…this time I am thinking bears with a shot cotton lining.  Only this time I will make the legs a little shorter and the waist a little bigger.  Yep Carter hopes those proportions reverse themselves as he gets bigger.  But for right now we are all loving on the pudge.  In animal pants especially.

16 comments on "Quick Change Trousers"
  1. So cute! I love the dinosaur fabric. I have some. It was too cute to pass up.

  2. oh my gosh - the picture with his feet in the air! So adorable!! He's jsut a doll. The pants are super cute too. They are on my to do list for baby shower gifts now.

  3. He is so cute! the pants are darling I must make a pair for Avery!! :) I'm so glad you shared this

  4. Animal pants! Animal pants! Henry loves his Christmas pants. We call them Carter Pants. I will be sure to take a picture of him in them. (We like to wear ironic onesies with ours.)

  5. Jenny! Carter is SO cute! And so are his pants. Love it!

  6. Holy cow, he is so adorable! As are those pants!

  7. So cute!!! I LOVE the Christmas pants. Is it odd that I want a pair for myself? Maybe as pj pants it would be acceptable?

  8. Such a cutie! Oh my gosh...I USED to think there was nothing cuter than little girl baby ruffle-butts...but little dinosaurs rolling around on the floor?!?! Adorable! Thanks for making me smile, Jenny!

  9. Those are adorable! I love the dinosaur pants. I'm going to make some this weekend for my little Brody just because his father thinks he should only wear denim and sweat pants. Really. Sweat pants. On a baby.

  10. I just found your blog and your before and afters are incredible! I absolutely love the cute is that!!

  11. oh these pants - and your son- are adorable. I hear you about the boys clothes. How long did these take you to make? Also, thanks for joining my I spy swap.

  12. I love these pants! What a fabulous way to spice up his little wardrobe. And it has to be a lot cheaper, too. Depending on the fabric, of course.

  13. Oh my, those pants are almost as adorable as your cutie-patootie baby! I wish I had more patience to pull my sewing machine out more often.

  14. I love these pants and bought the book just for this pattern. They're my go-to baby gift!

  15. I love these pants and bought the book just for this pattern. They're my go-to baby gift!

  16. Carter is so cute:) love his smile:)