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Spring Garden Clean Up


Our garden sucked last year.

My normal “red x’s on the calendar counting down until the last frost” self gave way to well…being busy and pregnant. 

That led to weeds.  A while lot of weeds and pretty much no vegetables.  Because that would require things like watering.  And actually going out to pick them when they are ripe.

I would go on kicks where I would try to get things back on track, but it was just too overwhelming.  And let’s be honest, no one wants to see a 8 month pregnant woman weeding in the middle of summer.

And that whole bending over thing proved to be problematic.

So this year is a do over, and with the gorgeous weather we decided like there was no time like the present.

Out came 11 bags of weeds, dead plants and miscellaneous crap that had been sitting there all winter.square foot gardening

Our raspberries got some fungal disease last year that in my expert plant google knowledge, was not treatable so they had to be dug up as well.  Which was sad, but they took up a lot of room so I am trying to look on the bright side of having a lot more space.

This year we are trying the popular square foot gardening method.  It sounds easy and I am especially loving the “no weeding” part.  Obviously.

In the book, he is adamant that you make grids.  I thought this was a little extreme and almost did not do it.  Or should I say almost did not ask Derek to do it.

square foot gardening

But after he made the grids, I can see why it is important.  I already see how much more stuff I can squeeze in.  We have had great results in the past (other than last year) and I am hoping to add to that.

Now we have 72 squares all ready to grow some goodies.

square foot gardening

Seeds  have arrived and will be planted this week.  Well at least the lettuce, radishes, potatoes and asparagus.  

The others will have to wait until we get a little closer to that last frost date. Since I am back to caring about that again.

So let’s hear all the awesomeness of square foot gardening.  Any other newbies like me? I am in my spring optimistic no weeds state of mind right now.

6 comments on "Spring Garden Clean Up"
  1. I love those grids so cool! I'm excited to finally have garden beds this year! We plan on making two raised garden beds, not sure what we'll plant yet, I just started doing my research.

  2. I wish I had room for a real garden, I'm not planning to grow anything this year for the same reason yours sucked last year! ha

  3. I hate to rain on your parade but...he lies about the weeds. ALL LIES. (But really, they're not too bad. By the time you get weeds, your veggies are enormous and you can't see them.)

  4. Yay! This is going to look so great. Ryan refuses to build me raised beds, which means your hubby wins the Spouse of the Year contest. But, I do subscribe to square foot gardening and love it.

    Also, I've done nothing for our garden. It still looks horrific from last year. Can I blame this baby?

  5. We just put our plants in this afternoon. We normally don't plant till early May but we've had a number of 70-80 why not. This year we are trying corn for the first time. We also got 2 blueberry bushes and a raspberry bush. I haven't done the square foot method...maybe next year.

  6. hmm I had good luck with the no weeds part. I did not do the overlays, and honestly now that I see yours I am kicking myself for not doing it! we just have a wee little 2x2 planter, so not that important, but we have some arugla popping up! We spent the afternoon weeding and cleaning up our lawn and flower beds.