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Happy First Birthday!


Wow what a year!editsWe officially no longer have a baby.  Even though he is always going to be my baby.  Which makes today a bittersweet celebration.

It has been a very good year.  Full of lots of learning, not much sleeping at times and more love than I ever could imagine.  The baby we brought home from the hospital is a totally different little guy than the one year old who has us wrapped around his finger.  And while I thought my heart would burst with love for the newborn, it is continued to grow month by month. edits1We have had our bad days (I am looking at you molars and our brilliant idea to see if he still needed reflux meds…he does), but this summer has been almost perfect and in a lot of ways going back to work in a couple of weeks is going to be more difficult than when I started back after my maternity leave.  Because now he says “mama” and give hugs and snuggles.  And I have gotten used to categorizing everything I do into '”nap” and “with Carter” activities.   And baby babbles.  And catching some more zzzz’s every morning in our bed…which would be something that should last forever, but for the next couple of weeks it is perfect.  And did I mention snuggles?

So happy first birthday to the best little boy a mom and dad could ask for…thanks for the best year yet.

I can’t wait for the next one.

7 comments on "Happy First Birthday!"
  1. Happy Birthday, Carter! Congratulations on making it through Year 1, Jenny!

  2. Awww... I just don't think he could be any cuter. What a doll! I love how you did his photos.

  3. Happy Birthday Carter, and happy 1st year to you Jenny!

    He is so cute, its amazing how fast they grow, but hold on because in the month since Lexs first birthday he has learnt a WHOLE lot more! Now they are repetitive little sponges :)

  4. He's super cute!! And I love that orange chair!

  5. He is so cute!

    I can't believe how big our little people have gotten! :)

  6. Happy 1st Birthday! The pictures of him on the blanket don't even seem real, he looks like he's lying on a king size blanket as a newborn and just a tiny throw blanket as a 1 year old. It's amazing how quickly they grow and how fast time passes. I have 2 boys, a 4 and a 2 year old so I remember like it was yesterday, their 1st birthdays. :) Love your blog, thanks for sharing!!

  7. I just found your website through some other website and I just wanted to say that I ADORE your before and after photos of your home. Our home was a foreclosure and rather outdated. We still have many, MANY rooms to do and your style is very inspiring! Thanks!!!!