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Tomayto Tomahto


It has begun…


One days harvest.  And then two days later I came back in with this…


And in another two days that basket will be full again.  And in another couple of days…you get the idea. I think some salsa making is about to ensue.  I am still dreaming about that salsa I made two years ago.  Yes it is weird to think about a salsa for that period of time.

So why so many tomatoes? 

I would like to say it is my excellent watering, fertilizing and weeding skills.

But that would be a lie.  In interest of full disclosure here is what the garden/weed patch looks like right now.


Good thing tomatoes are red otherwise I would never find them in there. It is a mess.  And we have not had rain in weeks (hence the hose and fried grass).  Oh and it is has been over 100 degrees for a very long time. And it will continue to be for a very long time.

So maybe it is the heat.  Or my sporadic watering.  Or my non fertilization. Or the fact that our winter was so mild that three tomato plants came back from last year. Or the square foot gardening soil mix we added this year. Or the Bee Balm.


This happens to be planted right next to the garden (you can see the dried remnants of the blooms in the weed garden pic above) .  And bees love it.  Especially bumble bees.  And I am thinking that when they are enjoying the pretty pink flowers, they could be moseying on over to the boring yellow tomato flowers and helping me out. And no stings yet.

That is just my idea though…it could be totally false.  I am just going to enjoy all of my tomatoes and pretend like I knew what I was doing when I planted it there.  Anyone want some salsa?

3 comments on "Tomayto Tomahto"
  1. Mmmmmm salsa. There are three ripe tomatoes in my weed patch right now. And I haven't picked then yet. I should do that. I hope I get as many tomatoes as you do.

  2. Wow! The tomatoes look great! We've had about 10 ripen so far. We have two Celebrity plants because they are in pots, and the gardening book said that strain does well in containers. I also think the skins are less tough than the Better Boy and Early Girl plants I have used in the past. Did I send you my recipes for tomato sauce? One is done in the crockpot. The other one normally uses San Marzano canned tomatoes, but I think fresh tomatoes would only make it better. That is if we can ever stop eating them every night with oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh basil...or caprese salad with mozzarella. I'm also going to make Greek salad with tomatoes, feta and hothouse cucumber. Sooo nice to have tomatoes that truly have some taste; the ones in the store simply pale by comparison.

  3. Dude, i just found your salsa post (that I printed) in my den while I was cleaning TONIGHT and said, "self, I have to make this." Too bad I don't have a garden this year. Oh well.