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Spring Break!


In the middle of some Midwest snow, we jetted off to southern California for our spring break.  The thought of taking an almost two year old  on an airplane for 4 hours gave us hives, but the call of sunshine and grandparents was too much to overcome. 

In the end, the plane ride turned into 6 hours because of the airline computers completely crashing.  And he was a champ.  Whew. 

Things Carter loved about our vacation-

1) We discovered Carter’s love of picking fruit courtesy of my in-laws citrus trees.  He may have a future as a farmer.  Who picks things one at at time and then throws it at the recipient.Spring Break 13

Spring Break 13

2) Disneyland.  Specifically rides at Disneyland that had continuously moving lines.  Such as It’s a Small World.    Spring Break 13

The teacups were also amazing…but the pain and suffering of waiting in a line that stopped and did not move for an eternity, at least in toddler minutes, was almost not worth it. 

OK the video of the joy on his face while we spun would make anything worth it.  But at that moment, there may have been threatening of us leaving.Spring Break 13

And honestly he would have been happy riding the train

Spring Break 13

3) The beach.  Spring Break 13

Oh the sand.  And the shells. 

Spring Break 13

And the wine. 

Spring Break 13

4)Travel Town.  Lots of trains-no further explanation needed. He takes his train riding very seriously.

Spring Break 13Spring Break 13

5) Swimming in his grandparents’ pool.  Oh the joy.

Spring Break 13

6) Meeting Big Nonna.  And spending time with family. 

Spring Break 13

That one is going on the mantel.

7)Goofing off and just playing.

Spring Break 13

Spring Break 13

Spring Break 13

Things Carter did not like about vacation:


Spring Break 13Sigh.  His expression in this picture is deceptively pleasant.  The whining and throwing of every toy (and phone) we gave him for entertainment was not captured.  And we thought we were raising him right to respect IKEA time.

My favorite part about vacation?  The sun.  And toddler naptimes by the pool without any guilt about what I should be doing. 

I was accidentally unplugged all week by way of forgetting my phone on the bathroom counter at home and remembering it halfway to the airport. After a mini freak out, I decided it would be nice to be free of it all week. And it was.  Even though I missed posting pictures on Instagram of the fun in the sun.

We all had a great time in the sun and with family.  All of anxiety about time changes and lack of naps was for nothing as he rolled with it. Carter did get very sick right after we got home. While it was snowing and my sunburn was fading under sweaters. 

Natural consequences of licking carousel horses at Disneyland.

5 comments on "Spring Break!"
  1. lol...respect for Ikea... love it! Still looks like you enjoyed your vacation! Great pictures!

  2. Cute Jenny! Drew LOVED It's a Small World as well. Someday, when they are like 6/7 years old, we should go to Disney with you guys. :) Love that your in-laws have orange trees! Oh the joys of living somewhere sunny year-round.

  3. Hi Jenny, came across this blog and it's great, family is wonderful I like it. Nice to know you, your family and blog, inspiring. I have also a lot of photos of my toddlers and several videos on youtube. Pay back a visit to my tickling blog if you don't mind, thanks.

  4. We're Americans, living in Europe. When I was 7 months pregnant with our second daughter, I decided our 2 year old and I needed a last minute trip to see the grandparents in the States before the baby was born. My husband was active duty military, and was saving his leave for when the baby was born, so I got to tackle a 13 hour international flight with a 2 year old by myself. Fun!

  5. So glad your trip went well. And so happy the little man did so well traveling. It's always a crap shoot.

    Hope you are readjusting well to Midwest winter. I mean spring.