Changing it Up...

Hello Friends!


As you have noticed it has been incredibly quiet around here….for years. Once little boys came into the picture, writing and documenting our home redesign adventures fell by the wayside. We were still creating, but doing it 100% for ourselves and did not focus on writing it up.

But the last couple of years, something incredible has happened. I started to paint and I fell in love… and people loved what I was creating. So much so that I painted more and more. And eventually was able to leave my job as School Psychologist in May of 2018 to pursue my art full time.

Such a celebration!


Since that has occurred, my creativity has grown leaps and bounds and I am so grateful that I am able to create everyday. For my job.

However, one of the reasons I was drawn to painting was I value beautiful and colorful spaces. I love the process of painting, but seeing my work help to make a space come alive is possibly even better.


I still want to share our home projects with all of you (now that involve a lot of art), but I am now going to do it on my website- .

Jenny Johannsen Art

I hope you join me over there to see what we create in our home next!