I Think I am in Love.....

With my new washer and dryer. It took a lot of discussion, shopping and compromising but a brand new washer and dryer were delivered this morning. I really wanted the Electrolux in teal that has a light inside the wash drum, but it cost a couple of hundred dollars more and while I could give you a play by play of our conversation about this at the store I am sure you can imagine it. I will give you a hint...it involves spray paint and a flashlight.

So I was practical and while they are not red or teal and don't make cool beeping sounds each time you turn a knob like some of the models we looked at.....I still am so excited that they were delivered to my laundry room this morning.


So shiny and new....

You know what this means.....the laundry room now moves to the top of the list for a organization and design makeover. It is one of the few rooms left with honey oak and now with snazzy appliances in there that is going to change soon.

I have never really watched how a front loader worked and while it is embarrassing to admit, I spent a better portion of my evening sitting on the laundry room floor being amazed by the washer and how little water it was using. I had to keep wiping forehead prints off the window and I am sure if Derek would have been home to catch in me in the act I would been able to add a humorous picture to give you a visual.

So I after buying new HE detergent to go on my new washer, I did two loads of laundry (I swear I only watched the first one). As I was going to bed I went in to the laundry room one last time to say good-night, I mean to double check that there were still no leaks and I noticed something odd.

What's wrong with this picture (besides the dust of course)??

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Derek's birthday and to celebrate we went for sushi (his favorite, mine not so much). While he ate tons of sushi I somewhat enjoyed my cooked chicken teriyaki. I know the sushi waiter was laughing at me. Then as the ultimate birthday celebration we went in search of a new dryer. I know you are jealous of the exciting life we live.

Why a dryer? Are we really that boring? Well Sunday night I was in the middle of finishing two weeks worth of laundry. But as I went to turn on the dryer on the second to last load to get the wrinkles out since it had been sitting there too long....it just buzzed. Almost like a like a car that chugs but does not turn over. We unplugged it, checked the vent, checked the circuit breaker and even gave it a good kick....and still the buzz.

So then the big question....pay to have it fixed or buy a new one? The washer and dryer while relatively new (about 6 years) are the very low end models and were bought off the bulletin board at my dad's office when we were poor grad students. They literally each have one cycle. And the dryer has melted 2 comforters. So you can probably guess my vote......new front loader in a possibly gorgeous color ......or.......pay $75 just to have someone come look at the dryer not including how much it will cost to fix it.

And you know if I get a new dryer (let's say in red for the sake of visualization) doesn't it make sense just to look at the matching washer??? You know just in case.....

*Sorry your birthday post got taken over by dryer thoughts. I also apologize that I did not make you a cake from scratch like I did a couple of years ago....hopefully a picture of it will do. It's not good for you anyway. Maybe I can make it up to you by taking over the laundry....as long as the washer and dryer are red.......