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Before/After- The Workout Room

The workout room was put together for function and not design. I made sure I repeated that phrase to myself many times through the project because it would have been so easy to spend some money in the name of design. 

It is in the basement so it does not get a lot of light. We did things as cheaply as possible since it is just a space that Derek and I use to sweat in. Here is the before:

The carpet was badly stained and smelled and the walls were all beat up.

This project was completed in a weekend. The floor was our first priority. We chose laminate because we could install it in a basement by ourselves and it was a hard surface. Have you ever tried to run on an elliptical that it sitting on shag carpet?  Let's just say the sensation is something like trying to exercise slightly intoxicated.  In case you have never tried it, it rocks....a lot.

We first ripped out the carpet and painted. Since we really did not care about the color but wanted something fun, we found $5 oops paint at Home Depot. I termed the color "Kermit".

Derek scraping up carpet glue. When we took up the carpet we found "JM LL?". We have no idea what that means.

So I added our own initials.

Putting down the vapor barrier. Yet another use for duct tape.

Floor going in

This was the first time we installed laminate floors. I will admit the first row was ummmm...difficult. It is possible that a lot of cursing involved because by the time we got down to the end of the row, the beginning was coming apart. But after we got past that row and got the hang of it, it was very easy and went down quickly. We love this type of floor for the room because it is super easy to clean and maintain.  And did we mention it was cheap?


One of the minor details we did was switching the outlets and switches from almond to bright white. Just a little thing updated the room ten years.

How we saved:
  • $5 oops paint
  • .99 sq ft laminate from Lumber Liquidators
  • Weights and weight bench from Craigslist
  • Indoor trainer for bikes instead of new stationary bike
  • Curtains from Wal-mart
  • Mirror taken out of downstairs bath(planning on replacing it anyway)
The only thing I am still thinking of adding is "inspiration posters". Derek said he would not mind if a life size bikini clad women stared at him while he worked out. So I think I am going to add a male equivalent for his "inspiration."  It's only fair right?
1 comment on "Before/After- The Workout Room"
  1. I've been looking at all of your rooms and WOW! You're my sista from anotha' mutha'. I think we shop the same colors and styles, only you put it together waaaay better! I just tried your glazing technique on the spare bath post on a 6 inch piece of my daughter's bathroom cabinet. Looks like I have plans for the next few days....thanks for that.

    Unfortunately that gives the monkey on my back (honey oak kitchen cabinets) a plan. The man will kill me - but I'll show you a picture before that. And thanks for all the inspiration! :)