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All You Need is A Laundry Basket

Jack and Winter's Favorite Activity List
1. Eating Treats
2. Taking Naps
3. Chasing Squirrels
4. Taking Walks
5. Belly rubs
3758694. Getting nails trimmed
3758695. Getting a Bath

But unfortunately for them last weekend we decided that they needed a bath. We normally put it off as long as possible or pay to have their groomed so that trained people deal with the pain of fighting them. Since it was so warm outside we decided to suck it up, save the money and do it ourselves. We talked about using the tub in the basement but wanted to avoid the cleaning up the water that would get everywhere. So the backyard and the hose was the winner.

The problem was that we had no way to contain them from running away or laying in the mud while we were trying to bath them. So what to do?

Small wading pool? don't have one
Rubbermaid plastic tote? won't drain

So what is big enough to hold dogs and drain properly?

Laundry basket! I am sure our neighbors thought we were crazy, but we wrestled the dogs into the laundry basket and bathed them in the backyard. You can tell from his annoyed facial expressions that Derek was thrilled that I stopped holding and scrubbing dogs to snap photos commemorating the event.

Winter did her classic "I am so mad that I refuse to look at anyone" move.

However, this experience did not scar Winter against laundry baskets for the rest of her life. Sunday evening it started thundering which always sends her into panic attacks. She can hear thunder hundreds of miles away and will subsequently start freaking out. During these times the struggles with standing or sitting still and is always trying to find somewhere to hide from the evil thunder. This time the laundry basket full of socks (clean of course) was her storm shelter of choice.
Who knew a laundry basket was such a must have dog accessory?
2 comments on "All You Need is A Laundry Basket"
  1. Oh my gosh, Winter looks so fluffy and cute in that basket! We just tie ours to the fence... have you tried that?

  2. We had a shower big enough for the one Golden Retriever plus one human. As long as we used a hand-held shower head and didn't spray him in the face, he was content to be bathed there. (We even bathed the cat that way on occasion!) The trick was getting the dog IN the shower! But he couldn't refuse following one (naked) human with little cut-up slices of hot dog...even if it meant a bath! :)