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I get bored easily.

Especially when I am not busy painting a new project.

It gives me too much time to look around and want to switch something up.

Even in a perfectly good room that we remodeled less than two years ago.

I don’t think this trait is on my husband’s top ten list of things he loves about me.

It may have to do with spending money.

Or cutting into football watching time.


So when I started thinking about the rooms I wanted to make changes in, it happened to be the first three rooms that we completed when we moved it.  And as I disclaimer I still love them, but they all needed a little freshening up.  And to of course on a budget (see above).  The three rooms are the dining room, family room and office.  And while the office and dining room are still works in progress, the family room’s minor changes are complete.  And they are just enough to keep me happy with the space.

And I am happy to report that no football watching time was infringed on for any part of it.

The Family Room

Issue #1- Too Much Brown

  Since we bought the bookshelves, I have been trying to convince Derek to let me paint the back.  Or apply pretty fabric or decorative paper to give them some pattern and pizzazz.  Just something to break up the boring brown. 


But that idea got vetoed.  Maybe because he knows my propensity to want to change things and anything permanent would not bode well for the solid wood bookcases.  I could day that we could just add built-ins when I get tired of them but I don’t think that would help my case.

So for two years I let it go and tried to enjoy the brown.

Then one day it hit me…..what about spray paint?  It is cheap and easily re-doable and who needs to touch the bookscases?  Why had I not thought of this brilliant idea sooner?

So I spray painted the lamps a blue gray and got new drum shades.  Then the brown tray got a coat of silver.  And I thought I would love it and it would solve of my brown problems. IMG_2947

But a couple of weeks later I am still not sure.  Maybe the blue is too shiny?  Maybe it is too much contrast with the brown bookshelves?  Maybe the lamps are too skinny?  Maybe I should just go with gray instead of blue-gray? Maybe I am just feeling fall-ish now and this is just reading a little too springy?  Maybe I way overthinking this and just need to be happy that is not brown and get over not painting the interior of the bookshelves?


Issue #2 It Just Doesn’t Feel Done

There is another change in the family room that I am 100% in love with….the rug.

I was a little iffy on adding an area rug over carpet.  But the space was not really unified and I wanted some more modernish touches in the room to make it flow more with the adjoining kitchen.  So I got out one of our 5x8 area rugs that we were not using and see what I thought of the idea.

It was love at first site….except the rug was way too small.

So that led us on a rug search.  It had to be big.  And cheap.  And modernish.  And good colors.  And not solid brown (see above). And not matchy with the walls.  But not too orange either. And not too busy.  Basically perfect.

We went everywhere in the city that carried rugs and came back with nothing.  It may have had something to do with how picky I was being.

Overstock had some great and cheap ones, but the colors and sizes were not matching up.  I then stumbled on and found a couple that met all of my criteria.  And free shipping and returns. 

It was a very exciting day.

We ended up with this one.




And I am amazed about how something so simple can complete the space.

Some friends commented that it was brilliant that the circles of the rug complemented the circular coffee table so well.


I was totally thinking that when I picked it out.

Issue# 3 Throw Pillows

You also may notice we now actually have some throw pillows on the couch and chair.  There are still some more half finished in the sewing room, but we at least have some color on the sofa.

But I have a confession to make.

I asked you opinion on throw pillows a long time ago.

About whether I should use the home dec fabric I already had or go with more modern cotton prints.

And the majority of you said to stick with what I had.

Well I didn’t.

Sorry….but I did listen on your advice on the kitchen curtain color, so you can’t stay mad.



So what do you think?  Hopefully I am not the only one that gets the itch to change things up.   But I think I am satisfied with the space and will be able to enjoy my time hanging out in there and not thinking about what I want to change.

For now at least.

20 comments on "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes"
  1. Your room looks beautiful!! And I happen to love the lamps now...the color is dreamy. Oh...and if you get the itch, a quick way to change up the backs of your bookcases is to cut foamcore to the right size, cover in fabric or pretty paper and slip them right behind your books, etc. :-)

  2. I like Jen's idea about the foamcore. I wouldnt apply anything directly to your bookcase. You could also make them double sided to change out colors with the seasons. The rug picks up the blue lamps just perfectly, no need to change something that works great. I love how you decorate!!!!

  3. Well I think your room is beautiful, but if one thing is for sure I love, love, love that fireplace!! :)

  4. Hi, first visit here. The changes took your room from pretty to really pretty and finished-and cozy!

    BTW, if you are like me and love change, and it sounds like you are, you could try "wallpapering" the back of your bookshelves. I put the word in quotes because I did this to cover the color I painted mine, but used double sided tape so I could remove and save the paper. I bought paintable wallpaper with a pattern, much less expensive. I think it was only $14.95/double roll.

  5. I love the changes, and especially the rug! Now I have to go stalk that site to see if I can find a rug for the nursery...rug hunting is hard work!

  6. I love your family room with or without the changes. The wall color is one of my favorites (I'll probably choose something similar for my family room) and I LOVE your fireplace. If only I could figure out how to get rid of my ugly green marble surround and do some pretty tile like yours.

    I love the throw pillows. You've inspired me to chuck my matchy-matchy throw pillows (or recover them). The room looks fine by me.

    I don't think you need to mess with the wooden bookcases, but it's your house and you're more experienced with taking decorating risks, plus you have great taste.

  7. I really love how it's looking right now! My question is (and it may be answered somewhere else - I'm sorry!) where did you get your coffee table? I reeeeeally like it! Thanks!

  8. You know what, I love it and who cares if you didn't follow others' advice! It's your house! I love that rug and the pillows totally pop! Good job!
    Lila Ferraro

  9. The bookshelves next to the fireplace look too heavy on that side. Can you put a shelf on each side of the fireplace or move the bookshelves elsewhere? I think eliminating that heavy dark area next to the fireplace will lighten up the "brown" and make the fireplace stand out as the focal point.

  10. Looks great!! I always love small changes with a big impact.

  11. I really like your new rug, Jenny. Love the comment about the circles matching. Hilarious! Just take credit like you TOTALLY thought of it.

    I am not a lamp expert, but I like the color of your lamps. But, since i only have 3 in my house, I wouldn't take my opinion as law.

    I need to take an Accessories 101 class with you as the teacher. I am horrible picking out accessories, so everything feels unfinished. You just "get" it.

  12. Girl, I would redo my rooms constantly if I had the money. I get so bored with what I've got, so I totally understand where you're coming from. I don't think there is too much brown in your room, either! Why not make a removeable panel for the back of the bookcases that would satisfy your need for color/pattern and your hubs need for it not being permanent?

  13. SarahKL-

    We found the coffee table at a local furniture store...Nebraska Furniture Mart. I love how it looks in the space even though it is rather large. I am so glad you like it!


  14. Anon-
    I somewhat agree with you that it is unbalanced. But one problem with moving the shelves....the TV. And there is no way I am going to get away with having no TV in the space. We purposefully bought shorter bookcases to make the fireplace be the tallest item on that wall and therefore a focal point. It's not perfect but it is functional for us.

    Thanks for the idea!


  15. Love that rug! It really makes a huge difference.

  16. I think the rug was just the right touch. We have a sea of cream carpet too that is begging to be covered with a rug.

    I'm just having a hard time committing.Thanks for the carpet link. I'm definitely looking for a big, budget friendly one.

  17. I think your room looks great and I love the new color of the lamps. If you feel like changing something up, what about adding some lighter accessories to the bookshelves? You could also move the tray of candles onto the fireplace. Or bring in some blue throw pillows or blanket. I think it looks great!!

  18. I just took another look at the photo ... and this might be impossible but could you flip the tv stand with the bookshelves? It looks like the corner with the tv is lighter because of the windows, which would automatically lighten the bookshelves. Flipping the couch and chairs could also give you another feel in the living room. (Obviously this might not be possible with the tv wiring but I am know to tuck wires under the carpet!!)

  19. your new rug is gorgeous!

    Have you thought about taping fabric over posterboard that is cut to size in the back of the bookcases and then just slipping it in to add more color? It would be a really quick, easy and non-permanent change.

  20. I love your new rug - it looks just perfect with everything else in the room. And, smart you, picking out circles to go with your coffee table - ha! I think your spray painted lamps look great too. Definitely helps to get rid of a little of the brown. I'm dealing with the same issue in my family room right now. So much brown! It really started bugging me this summer and I'm so ready to change it up. I just spray painted a lamp too and it's helping a little. I love Karen's idea about adding wallpaper to the back of your book cases. Easy and not permanent!